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Chris Redfield
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Jun-17-13, 06:12 PM (EDT)
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"S5M3 and DSM Panic thoughts"
   To date I have been kind of struggling through the DSM Panic story arc in part because I am completely unfamiliar with a majority of the characters. Pretty much aside from Boba Fett and Lindsey Willows I've got nothing. That said, its been an interesting look into life at DSM after the core duelists graduated. I didn't hate it by any means, it just hadn't quite solidified for me, until now.

What I really enjoyed about S5M3 in that framing is that it finishes the characterizations from the characters enough that it no longer matters whether I know where they're from or what they do. I liked the outside view into the big fighty fighty with Earthforce. I liked the real horror at the death of President (?) Santiago and the implications of Clark in the office. I liked the evolution of Kaname and Sanosuke's relationship. I LOVED Anakin's portrayal and decision to do the right thing even at great personal cost to himself.

All in all, very good stuff.

Chris can't handle Japanese names

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