EPU Gun of the Week

History. Technology. Snark.

Welcome to EPU Gun of the Week! This feature began as an informal column I started writing in a corner of the Eyrie Productions Discussion Forum in the fall of 2015. After it had migrated to different sections of the Forum twice, I finally got around to setting it up as a proper blog with its own corner of the website. This is that corner.

For those of you not already familiar with it, the mission (if it can be said to have one) of Gun of the Week is pretty simple: I write about the history (general and individual) and technology of various firearms from my collection. Some started out as military hardware, others as strictly commercial products, and a few fall somewhere in between. Many are archaic. A few are brand new. What they all have in common is that I like them enough to keep them around, and in most cases, found them interesting enough to spend my own money on. I'm not sponsored by any manufacturer or beholden to any organization; this is all just my own impressions, thoughts, and opinions. I may get details wrong from time to time. Though I do endeavor to research things I'm not sure of, my research is pretty ad-hoc and my reference resources are the same as those available to any other ordinary person. My errors, like my opinions, are my own.

While I'm in disclaimer mode, just for the record, you're not going to find tactical tips, the lowdown on the latest gear for $SPECIALIZED_SHOOTING_ACTIVITY, or live reports from the SHOT show hereabouts. I'm not an Industry Journalist, a lawyer, or even a better-than-OK marksman. All I'm doing here is talking about guns I like in a way I hope to keep unaggressive and entertaining. I'm not saying you have to like them!

One last note: While it is probably impossible to be an entirely apolitical shooter in the USA nowadays, I try to bring politics into Gun of the Week as little as possible. I may grumble about the paperwork or the puzzling peculiarities of the system from time to time, but I'm not out to lobby anyone for or against, e.g., a specific interpretation of the United States Constitution. There is no shortage of websites for that if you're looking for it.

With all that out of the way, let's head on over to the list of entries, or you might want to check out the Discussion Forum. Or, if you'd rather get stuck straight in, you can click here for the first entry and just read on from there.

You might also like to check out a couple of sites that have been inspirational to me, both in terms of subject matter and tone, namely Forgotten Weapons and C&Rsenal. Unsolicited plug! They're great sites run by nice folks whose philosophy about this kind of thing is similar to mine: long on the history and tech, short on the stereotypical Gun People on the Internet nonsense.

Have fun, and let's stay safe out there.