The CX-68

MAKE: Ravenhair Motors after AC/Shelby
MODEL: CX-68 Cobra 2+2
YEAR: 2246 [1968]
COUNTRY: Tomodachi
DISPLACEMENT: 427 cubic inches
HORSEPOWER: Classified
OWNER: U. Tenjou
NOTES: Built by Skuld Ravenhair as Nekomi Institute of Technology
Motor Club's entry for 2246 Greatest Cars that Never Were
vintage-theme road race. Patterned after AC Cars/Shelby-American
Cobra 427 roadster, Earth, 1968. Modernized with climate control
field, crash fields; no inertial dampers.
FIRST APPEARANCE: S2: Interlude in the Golden City in A.

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Obviously, these are photos of an actual '68 Cobra 427 (taken from an ad on the Hemmings Motor News website). The CX-68 has a slightly longer wheelbase and two transverse jump seats behind the main seats (transverse in that two people sitting in them would be facing each other, not forward). Other than that, the cars are visually identical.