Mini Cooper S

MAKE: Austin
MODEL: Mini Cooper S
YEAR: 1966
COUNTRY: United Kingdom, Earth
RESTORED BY: V. Morisato, C. Ravenhair, U. Tenjou
OWNER: A. Tenjou
NOTES: Configured for rally with additional lights, rollover
protection, navigational computer and front seat harnesses.
Retro-class modifications; no inertial dampers or crash fields.
FIRST APPEARANCE: (as project) S2: Year's End Confrontation Blues;
(as working vehicle) S4: The Kindness of Strangers.

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Interior shot.

I believe I got the pictures from an ad at Collector Car Trader Online, as with the pic of Vlad the Impala. By a very curious coincidence, the very first online listing I found was for one of the correct color and everything. I was expecting I'd have to grab a BRG one and flag the file, "... only it's purple."