The Robots of S4M2: A Quick Look

Corwin's Rune God of Iron, the one and only Big O:

Big O

(Don't mind how the flash on my camera turned him purple... he's actually black. Well, the toy I photographed is dark grey for some reason, but the robot itself is black.)

21st Century Defense Robot Dai-Guard, the valiant (if somewhat outclassed) machine piloted by R. Dorothy Wayneright!

Dai-Guard with drill arm
Here's a bonus shot of Dai-Guard with his drill arm attached.

Corwin's experimental Project G, taken unexpectedly into battle by the irrepressible Kozue Kaoru: Getter Robo G!

Getter Robo G

(This appears to be from an Italian magazine. These are the redesigns of Getter G seen in Shin Getter Robo, where they got tragically little screen time. I suppose if you know Italian this might contain spoilers for Shin Getter Robo, but really, what difference would they make? The show doesn't make any sense anyway. :)

Corwin's birthday creation for one of the inspirations for his childhood love of giant robots: Armored Knight G-Kaiser!


Official nifty rotating Capcom .gif!