1140 Wildwood Road

First seen in S4M1: Page of Swords, the house at the end of Wildwood Road on the edge of Nekomikoka, Tomodachi, is home to Kaitlyn Hutchins and Utena and Anthy Tenjou after they graduate from Satori Mandeville Memorial and move on to college.

I made this model of the house using the home-building tools in The Sims 2. It's not exact, but within the limitations of the tools, it's a pretty good likeness. It shows the house as it appears in The Kindness of Strangers, after Juniper moves in and the bridge over the backyard stream is replaced.

Not shown are the garage (which should be next to the house on the left, or north, side) and a number of features of the back grounds - most notably the barn, the big cherry tree behind the dojo, Anthy's vegetable garden, and the woods which should crown the ridge in back of the house. There just isn't enough space in a Sims 2 house lot for that stuff, plus Sims don't have cars, so there aren't tools for making a proper garage or driveway. Also, Anthy's greenhouse is obviously not show-accurate here. This one is just on the map so you can see where it belongs.

The grid lines are artifacts of the Sims 2 building mode, in which these screenshots were taken.

Exterior scenics


These three images are slightly blurry because I magnified them to 150% of their original screenshot size. In the floorplans' cases, I felt the tradeoff in detail was worth the better view of the overall layout.

Interior detail
First floor

Second floor


Modeled by Benjamin D. Hutchins in The Sims 2 by Electronic Arts. House design ©2004 Eyrie Productions, Unlimited.