The World Wide Building

As of The End of the Tour, Corwin Ravenhair lives on the top floor of a replica of the World Wide Building, located at 144 Moody Street in the Millrace district of New Avalon. That building is a replica of a real building in the city of Waltham, Massachusetts.

front view
This is the facade of the World Wide Building, facing west toward Moody Street. Note the address painted in the white bar; visitors to New Avalon are occasionally confused by it as they pass by.

side view
Side view. Note the fire escape - and check out how high the ceilings are, using the windows and cars for a scale reference.

long shot
Here's a long shot of the building from the Moody Street bridge over the Morgan River, which can be seen in the foreground. (In real life, that's the Charles, of Cambridge college crew fame.)

For the source of these pictures, a bit of information on the real World Wide Building and a link to the artists' community that inhabits it, check out this page.

Photographs © 1997 by Scott Shurr at the Waltham community home page. Used with permission.