NetHack: Derek's Finest Hour

NetHack is a popular diversion among some GweepCo members, and Derek was no exception. Sometimes he did fairly well, other times his performance was lackluster. On one of the latter sort of occasion, he racked up this incredible failure. Here's the high score list from the end of that session (the game in question scored #100):

 No  Points     Name                                                   Hp [max]
  1      40359  android-B died on dungeon level 16.                     - [102]
                Killed by a rock troll.
  2      38594  android-B died on dungeon level 14.                     -  [95]
                Killed by a green dragon.
  3      24722  Red Warga-B died on dungeon level 15.                   -  [84]
                Killed by a clay golem.

 99        144  lightnin-S quit on dungeon level 1.                    24  [24]
 100        134  lightnin-A died on dungeon level 1.                    -  [14]
                Killed by kicking a chest (wide keyhole).

"But how could this happen?" I hear you cry. Well, it's simple, really. Derek's character had been knocked down to a single hit point by various and sundry monsters, and then he went and kicked the chest without bothering to check his hit points first. He fumbled it and injured himself, and, given that he had only the one hit point, died.

The amusement value here ought to be obvious, and brings nostalgic smiles to the faces of many gweeps to this day. Of course, it didn't help any that his roommate Andrew made a script of a one-move game of NetHack, which he used to reset his terminal if it got stuck in graphics mode, and the script ended with a high score list featuring the (wide keyhole) death quite prominently. This ensured that Derek would never live the game down.

Benjamin D. Hutchins