Seat 16J

Derek's favorite chair at his apartment is labeled "Seat 16J". Here's his former roommate Shawn Zimmerman with an explanation.

Well, my recollection is that we were sitting around, basking in our
pulchritude, watching Comedy Central.  The comedian was talking about 
the stupid things that stewardesses have to say before the plane
can take off, and was giving examples such as;

"In the event that this plane should crash in the Andes mountains and
we are all forced to eat each other in order to survive, we 
recommend the fat guy in seat 16J"

Well Derek just about bust a gut on that one.  He was wheezing
and hooping and couldn't breathe and his eyes were bugging
right out of his head.  And so, as was my duty as his friend, I 
tried to make him pass out from asphyxiation. I ran into my room, 
scribbled "Seat 16J" on a piece of paper, and hung it on the wall 
behind him.  He enjoyed that, too, and rewarded me with a few
more minutes of breaking.

You can find a picture of Seat 16J in the Image Gallery.

Benjamin D. Hutchins