Stephe's Stereo


Derek was living in F-13 with, among others, Stephe Foskett and Josh Brandt.

Stephe owned the stereo in the living room.

Stephe was a bit, how shall we put it, 'intense' about his stereo.

Stephe set the equalizer meticulously, played a bunch of his music (which few others in the galaxy could stand), and left the apartment.

Derek adjusted the equalizer quite a bit and played something he liked, then stopped using the stereo.

Stephe came home.

Josh came home.

Josh put on some music he liked, and started to adjust the equalizer again.

"Don't mess with that!" Stephe yelled. "Can't you hear? I've got it set up exactly the way I want."

Derek broke.

A lot.

The End

Benjamin D. Hutchins