Yes, we all have them. I use the web from a number of different places, and it is much more convenient to maintain my list of useful sites here, then to keep them in seperate files on machines that are miles apart. Sure it's more work ahead of time, and there's considerable overhead in putting them in this format from the seperate bookmark files, but that should get easier with time.

Note: The (Netscape 1.1) icon indicates that you really ought to be using Netscape, or at least a graphics capable browser. I make no prejudgements about Netscape's moral standing through their HTML code, I just like the way Netscape works for me. I like the frames in their new beta release. Mostly, the image is there to remind me not to bother with the site when I'm stuck using Lynx.

The Bookmarks

  1. Informative Texts
  2. Entertainment Links
  3. On-Line Shopping
  4. On-Line Magazines
  5. Religious Links
  6. Miscellaneous
  7. Web Catalogs
    1. Lycos - Catalog of the Internet
    2. Yahoo - Web Catalog
    3. Alta Vista - Digital's Search Engine
    4. Green Eggs Report - Web pages found by searching Usenet.

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