Role-Playing Game Companies

These pages are maintained and operated by various role-playing game companies. Unlike most company pages, these are usually informative, as RPG companies have a tendency to be operated by fans of RPGs. As such, they are more useful than other "official" pages.
  1. Chameleon Eclectic Entertainment, Inc. - Makers of Millenium's End and soon, The Babylon Project
  2. Chaosium, Inc. - Most well know for the very fine "Call of Cthulhu" game line.
  3. Flying Buffalo - They run play-by-mail games, they publish some games, and they are the makers of the Nuclear War card game.
  4. Fractal Dimensions - Makers and Distributors of SORD - The System Of Role Development, a generic rules system.
  5. Grey Ghost Press, Inc. - Publishers of Steven O'Sullivan's FUDGE rules.
  6. L'Avventura Games - In the fall, they'll be releasing "Knights of Torque & Recoil"
  7. The Master's Library - Logicrucible Inc.'s web page.
  8. Plainlabel RPG - The rules set from Plaid Rabbit Productions.
  9. R. Talsorian Games - From cyberpunk to an alternate Victorian era, R. Talsorian has a game for it.
  10. Tai-Gear Simulations - Authors of the Eternal Soldier rules set.
  11. TCGames - The future of gaming

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