[A Bolt from the Blue]

^]x : META CHI Fraternity

The gweeps here at Meta Chi welcome you.

The Meta Chi fraternity was founded in the Spring of 1990 on the campus of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. It's first rush class consisted of 20 students, most of them freshman, although several upperclassmen were involved. Since then, the fraternity has grown, despite a large void in the organization department. This is mostly due to the fact that the members of Meta Chi have many reasons to hang around together without relying on the crutch of their fraternal association.

However, to deny that they are members of a fraternity would be to deny their activities. They behave just as other fraternities behave, looking out for each other both while in school, and post graduate. They plan activities together, and occasionally even perform public service according to their abilities.

The primary link between the members of this fraternal organization (a misnomer actually since even from the beginning this organization has been coeducational), is their close link with computers of all kinds. The gweeps of our organization also believe in using computers and networks to their fullest capabilities. This doesn't mean that you immediately upgrade to the latest software and hardware. In fact, many members consistently use outdated hardware that others have castaway. What this means is that you