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The Universal Science Fiction Parody
USFP, for short. It was started in the winter of 1990, while its author was on hiatus from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Finding himself working late shifts in a hospital emergency room, he realized that the old adage about war applied to every crisis-laden situation. It was hours of boredom, punctuated by brief moments of pure adrenaline. In order to fill in the boredom parts, he found himself writing the Crossover Parody to end all Crossover Parodies. And thus, USFP was born.
The Neverending Saga
A shared universe that really earned its title. Despite the wacked combination of writing styles involved, the tendency of the authors to come up with plot complications just to annoy the other authors, and the death of not one, not even two, but three host BBS's before it's completion. This story of a transdimensional scientist, his Victorian-era companions, and more doubles than you can shake a stick at holds together fairly well, especially near the end when there was a concerted effort to make it all work together.