A Brief Explanation of Break Triggers

In his capacity as what John Trussell has described as "a big, 350-pound chunk of [the world's] sense of humor," Derek was extremely sensitive to the funny things around him. He also possessed an excellent memory for minutiae (one might even go so far as to call it "trivia"). These two traits combined to create the phenomenon we came to know as "break triggers".

It worked like this: if a joke was told around Derek that was of sufficient power to break him, the punch line of that joke would stick in his memory. Thereafter, if at any point the punch line were repeated to him, he would call up the rest of the joke from memory and break again, unassisted. This was very useful in situations where some people present had not been present for the original telling of the joke, since it would seem to those observers that Derek had been broken by a nonsensical statement such as "Literacy!"

Break triggers I can remember off the top of my head include:

If you can think of any others I've overlooked or temporarly brain-faded on, please remind me so I can update the list. I know I'm leaving some out here.

Benjamin D. Hutchins