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Subject: "Teaser 2: S5DS03 Goodbye & Hello"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Nov-21-13, 07:49 PM (EST)
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"Teaser 2: S5DS03 Goodbye & Hello"
        Minami Sato took off her leather flying helmet, shaking out
her long, wavy black hair in a gesture that was so obviously unstudied,
and yet so effortlessly glamorous, that Utena was reminded (not for the
first time) of Juri Arisugawa. Near the front of the little crowd of
youngsters, Tenzin and Gyatso glanced at each other in astonishment,
their cheeks going red; beside them, Sita hauled off and slugged Tenzin
in the shoulder, nearly knocking him down.
"Hello, all!" Minami declared cheerfully as she began tugging
off her gloves. "Can I trouble a few of you to help me tie this beast
down, please? We don't want it wandering off if the wind comes up."
She had no shortage of volunteers for the task, which was
accomplished in mere moments. Then, tossing her gloves into her helmet
and the whole affair into the cockpit, she trotted across the paved area
to give first Corwin, then Utena a hug.
"Hey, strangers," said Ryo, who opted for the Manly Handshake
instead. "You've got this whole town in an uproar."
"Yeah, uh, not really our -intention,- but it sort of started
without us and we ended up deciding to just go with it," Corwin replied
sheepishly. "We'll have to get into that later. First things first,
though," he said with a mischievous grin as the four of them started
back toward the house. "C'mon and meet my newborn daughter."
Ryo stopped walking.
"I'm sorry, I could have sworn I just heard you say 'c'mon and
meet my newborn daughter,'" he said conversationally.
Corwin paused and turned back, still grinning, while Minami
halted next to her brother and stared at him in turn and Utena giggled
at both of their reactions. "I did," he said cheerfully.
Ryo pondered that for a moment, then raised a finger as if to
object, then lowered it and thought some more before saying slowly,
"Now... I realize I'm not the most -observant- prairie hog in town
sometimes... " He glanced pointedly at Utena and concluded, "... but I
was definitely clocking your good lady thoroughly enough the other night
that I would have -noticed- a thing like that."
Utena would probably at least have considered punching most
guys, particularly most relative strangers, for a remark like that; but
coming from Ryo, it was so straightforward and sincerely complimentary
that she found herself just rolling her eyes with a wry little smile and
a slight blush - which deepened a bit when Minami put in helpfully,
"For the record, I concur!"

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