The Photographic Fan Art of Phil Rhodes

The Amanda Dessler Sessions: Part 1

Eyrie fan Phil Rhodes decided to take a unique tack when he set out to create some Symphony fan art. He wanted to do something with Amanda Dessler, but as he put it, "I work in television, so while I get the impression that the written stuff is supposed to 'be' anime, my brain works in live action. Combine this with the fact that I can't draw for toffee and it left only one option."

That option? Round up some props, find an actress/model willing to be painted blue, and grab a camera. Here's a sampling of the first session's outcome.

1. Rockin' Out: Live-Action Type

Habitués of the Symphony staff art page should recognize the staging here; this is based on the first piece of Amanda fan art, Dave Menard's Rockin' Out.

2. Guitarist Closeup

This shot shows some of the details of Amanda's tattoo.

3. Guitarist Seated

Amanda taking a break during sound check, perhaps.

4. Lieutenant Dessler of the Imperial Navy

Amanda's official service portrait.

5. Duelist Amanda

As Psi Cop Roger Tremayne learned to his dismay in S1M6: Hunted Rose, that sword's not just for show.

6. Fan Portrait: Live-Action Type

Based on Logan Darklighter's fan portrait.

7. "Silence, Earthman... "

According to Devlin, the Steely Glare is Love. We have our doubts.

The Credits

Photographer Phil Rhodes didn't do this alone. Here's a list of other folks who were involved in this project:

Performance: Edith Bukovics
Effects Makeup: Marja Holm
Wig: Patsy Page
Costume (Angels) : Matt Price
Costume (Studio assist): Stewart Charlesworth
Additional costume: Chris Morden
Vistavision neg scans by Rob Newell

Images © 2004 by Phil Rhodes. Used with permission. Amanda Elektra Dessler created by Benjamin D. Hutchins and © 2001 Eyrie Productions, Unlimited. Also used with permission, inasmuch as pretty much everyone has permission to do Undocumented Features fan art. :)

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Benjamin D. Hutchins
E P U (colour)