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Imagery Section
Staff Artworks Section

Phil Moyer's Symphony Artworks
Provided by the gracious hand of the one and only Philip J. Moyer, these pieces aren't really fan art 'cause Phil's our Special Guest for Life (and Resident Juriologist), not any mere mortal fan. He's not only contributed to several Symphony pieces, he's also a staff artist - his works grace several of our page banners, including this very one (banner composition and background graphics, as always, by the inimitable Truss).


Kaitlyn (title shot)
Here's Kaitlyn, our humble co-protagonist, as she appears in the title banner. She sports the summerweight girls' uniform of the Worcester Preparatory Institute and is wielding her trusty blade, Kotetsu no Sasayaki.

Utena (title shot)
The other half of our dynamic duo and the other side of the banner - Utena Tenjou, in WPI summerweight men's uniform, with her runesword, the Thorn of the Rose.

Juri Arisugawa, WPI Style
Circa A Question of Faith. The caption was contributed by Truss after he saw the original line-art version.

Grill Guy Saionji
Kyouichi Saionji, breakfast-shift operator of the WPI Grille, on the job. He finds the hat humiliating, but at least hairnets are no longer necessary in the 25th century...

An Evening in Paris
Here we see Juri and Kaitlyn, walking on the Champs Elysées on that magical Friday night in Paris, the penultimate evening of The Rose that Blooms in the City of Light.

Sad Girl with Robot
From Duelists of the Rose; Utena, getting through a rough patch with the help of her faithful servant, Tiny Robo. (Title and general setting inspired by Fred Gallagher.)

A Wedding Portrait
The official wedding portrait of Utena and Anthy Tenjou, the Prince and Priestess of the Tenth World, taken Friday, March 17, 2406.

Tenjou Academy Dueling Arena
The Arena in the Sky, as depicted in oils by the Duelists' Society's own T'skaia Vorokoshiga'ar Ixtixtaaqitl't'chl'Vraihelt Ishkarat, t'skrang Swordmaster and friend of the arts.

The New Girl
Much like the picture of Juri in WPI's uniform was a bit premature but too good not to share, here we have Anthy Tenjou as she'll appear at the start of the 2406-2407 school year, as a member of the Deedlit Satori Mandeville Memorial Institute's Class of 2407.

The New Guy
Corwin, seen here with a visitor, sports a familiar uniform in Welcome To Your Life.

A Kiss Goodnight
Utena's last encounter with the ghost of Dios, from Interlude at Vortigern's Lake. (Phil informs me that this is the first serious kiss he's ever illustrated, and that I should feel honored. I do.)

Meeting by Saturnlight
Corwin Ravenhair encounters Utena's predecessor as Prince of the Tenth World, as seen in Another Christmas Rose.

A Day at the Beach
Here we have Kaitlyn and Juri at Botrell Beach, one of the recreation areas at the other end of the Autobahn from the Satori Mandeville Memorial campus. I'm guessing this one must have been taken on the last day before Term A/06 started. :)

"I am Corwin Ravenhair of the Aesir... "

Shelter from the Past (Sad Girl with Demigod)
I'm very pleased to have had Phil illustrate one of my favorite moments from the Symphony so far; I think this image from Interlude at the Hotel Monolith speaks for itself.

Janice Barlow, former Resident Advisor for Morgan 4th at WPI, graduate of Deedlit Satori Mandeville Memorial Institute, and International Police Criminal Investigation Division reserve constable, with some of the tools of a Ragolian Hunter's trade.

Leap of Faith
Kozue Kaoru demonstrates her faith in Corwin Ravenhair's engineering and her own skills in A Night to Remember as she improvises a mode switch method that is not in the Getter Robo G operations manual. Compare to the black and white version to see how the backdrop really brings out the sensation of falling. I think it's some of Phil's best work with Bryce and Photoshop, on top of being such a cool drawing to begin with.

Humongous poster-like version also available, in case anyone has access to a huge printer and really likes this puppy. (If you do, write me and tell me how much it costs to get one. :)

Royal Entrance
It's not really appropriate to call Rina Dragonaar a handmaiden, but she's certainly more than just Princess Amanda Dessler's bodyguard. Here are Amanda and Rina as they appear in the diplomatic reception scene near the end of The Courtship of Princess Dessler.

Get Me a Danish
You can see why I didn't post the line art of this one ahead of time; not only would it have spoiled a bit of Requiem for a Lensman, it wouldn't have been anywhere near as cool as this. Speaks for itself.

Yomiko Readman
Lensman Yomiko Readman, one of the International Police's rising stars. This is the base image for the cover of Tales of the Lensmen #172, which appeared in S4M3: On the Road Again and can be seen on the general reference images page.

A Girl's Best Friend
No, not diamonds - a 500-pound (give or take) Siberian tiger. In Kate's book, Serge is both more stylish and more practical than any lump of over-compressed charcoal.

Unlikely Allies
When they first met, they were the deadliest of enemies, but now, two centuries after the Covenant War, the Last Elite (Tuncer by name) and Master Chief Petty Officer Sir John Spartan of the Royal Salusian Navy are old friends.

White vs. Black
Utena Tenjou duels the Covenant Elite known only as Emissary One, as seen in S4M7: The Revolution Will Be Televised.

Vigdis Brightblade
Vigdis Brightblade, master swordswoman of the Valkyrior, stops by her portrait in the Valkyrie Hall - which is a bit out of date.

Four Masters
From left to right: Grandmaster Jinora, Apsara Lama of the Air Nomads and Grand Lotus of the Order of the White Lotus; Master Ikki, Khandroma Lama of the Air Nomads and Sky Bison Conservatrix General; Poki XXV, ring-tailed winged lemur; Master Meelo, Instructor of Novices and Lord High Potentate of Lemurs; and Master Rohan, Abbot of the Central Air Temple and Castellan of Air Temple Island.

An Avatar in Spirit Clothes
Avatar Korra's most formal clothing, created for a very specific ceremonial occasion, particularly accentuate her personal embodiment of Dìqiú's Spirit of Light.


Penguin Sledding
In Dìqiú's Spirit World, Avatars Aang and Korra (and some otterpenguin spirits) introduce young Corwin Ravenhair (age 10) to one of the traditional recreations of the Southern Water Tribe.

Smoke on the Horizon
Anne "Juniper" Cross and her firebending sifu, Azana, take a walk and discuss techniques. From What's Past Is Prologue.

From the South Pole with Love
Avatar Korra gets a snapshot of herself, current Fire Ferrets waterbender Karana (who is not her granddaughter), and team mascot Pabu XVII.

You See What I Have to Work With
Recently-minted master airbender Nyima (right) attempts to reassure Nall that she's laughing with him regarding her elder sister Lhakpa's obvious claim-staking. (NOTE: She may be lying about that "with" part.)

Social Triumphs and Technical Marvels
Minami and Ryo Sato, 24th-century inheritors of the juggernaut of innovation that is Future Industries. They're not twins, but it's a common mistake!

The Avatar and the Rose Prince
Korra and Utena (and Niri!) have a quiet moment together.

Up On the Roof (Relaxed Avatar with Æs)
Having talked themselves out for the time being, Corwin and Korra get some sleep on the White Lotus guardhouse roof. From What's Past Is Prologue.

Anne Cross, Symphony Contributing Editor
Anne, in her overlapping capacities as Contributing Editor, part-time muse, and sometime character, also does artwork from time to time. Here are some examples.

Gothic Miki
Here's the picture of Miki from the night at Sneaky Dee's in Hogtown Rhapsody, as seen on the corkboard behind Dorothy's desk. Miki's Goth look for that night was created by Anne with this image.

Live and Direct
Network 23 ace reporter John "Truss" Trussell, twentieth-century Wedge Defender and Institute Duelist Mia Ausa's father, is shown here relaxing in his office.

Tiger of Avalon
Kaitlyn Hutchins, seen here in the formal garb made for her by Elim Garak, tailor of Babylon 5, on the occasion of her confirmation in mastery of the Asagiri Katsujinkenryuu. (Henna-ing her hair to match the kimono must have been Juri's idea. :)

The Symphony Images of R-Type
Long-time Eyrie member Larry "R-Type" Mann is perhaps better known for his text contributions to UF and Neon Exodus Evangelion, but he's also a staff artist when the mood strikes him!

Sight Reading
This is Larry's first try at Kaitlyn, and I'm pleased to note that he got her just about perfect. (The title, a reference to a technique used by musicians learning a new piece of music, was suggested by our own Redneck.)

Tigers Like Water
A different look at Kate at the beach. It's interesting to note that, if Larry is correct, Kaitlyn's hair turns into her mother's when it gets wet. :)

Shustal the Legend
Elisabeth R'tas Shustal, renowned and feared captain of the Ishkarat armed merchantman Kuratai, in typical battle garb, circa the summer of 2409. She only puts her hair up like that when she's anticipating a fight. (Title by Kelly St. Clair)

Liza aboard the Kuratai, finishing up one of her favorite leisure-time activities, a traditional pastime of t'skrang down through the generations. It's your call whether there's nudity here or not.

Prime Duelist
Kaitlyn Hutchins, Prime Duelist of the Midgard Order of the Rose, doing what she does. The mural in the background is on one of the walls of the main dueling room in the Jeraddo Castle.

Ice Valkyrie
The main piece is a completed image of Svanhvit Icebinder, one of the Valkyrie who have been mentioned but haven't had much in the way of screen time. Also, there's an earlier sketch of Svan which Larry decided not to finish. (Shame - I quite like it.)

Svanhvit with Sword
New! Another look at everyone's favorite defector from Niflheim. Beats me where she got that sword - she usually fights with a traditional demonic chain weapon resembling a cinematically exaggerated manrikigusari. I've challenged Larry to draw her with actual clothes on next time. :)

Evolution of a Goddess
New! Not strictly a Symphony image, but the character it depicts is certainly a Symphony regular, so I'll put it here anyway. Here we have Skuld Ravenhair, Goddess of Technology and captain of the Valkyrior, as she appears at three different stages of her life: as Gryphon first met her back in the Golden Age; as she appeared in Scrapheap City Shuffle; and as seen in the conference room scene in Twilight.

Dave Menard
He started out as a fan artist, and Dave's mad skills, willingness to be micromanaged on character designs, and uncanny knack for making things look like we think they ought to look earned him the coveted Green Guy icon on the Forum and a spot on the staff artists' roster!

Rockin' Out
Here's the final version of Dave's take on Princess Dessler, former rhythm guitarist for the Art of Noise, circa Roses in Springtime. I always picture Amanda's hair as better-behaved than this (less Joan Jett, more Jen Connelly), but I dig this image anyway. And he got her guitar right, too! :)

Tiger of Avalon (A Different Perspective)
Here's Dave's look at a different aspect of just why they call Kate the Tiger of Avalon, circa Roses in Springtime again. hee hee hee...

"Well, I Wish You'd Have Said Something."
Dave looks at a moment from A Night to Remember. I noted to him that I hadn't pictured Corwin quite so... dismayed... as this, but hey, it's a nice picture anyway, so here it is!

Mojo Jojo
Dave's take on Mojo Jojo is positively Groddly, isn't he? The, uh, spittle is a nice touch, too. :)

Defenders of Avalon, Summer 2409
It's the three Utonium sisters (from left: Theresa, Theodora, and Blossom)! I'm especially keen on this one. I mean, damn. Hey, they were designed to be the perfect girls...

Under the Ringed Planet
Dave says: "In honor of one of the most beautifully-written character pieces in UF history. I've tried to make this pic as romantic yet tasteful as the original story; I just hope I've succeeded." For what it's worth, I think he has. This is a moment from S4E1: Interlude on Titan in F (For Tomorrow), and, as such, I guess I'll have to say it's adult, though it is very tastefully done.

Goth Kaitlyn
Going back in time a little, here's Dave's take on Kaitlyn's club look from Hogtown Rhapsody.

Girls with Guns
Her Imperial Highness Amanda Elektra Dessler, Crown Princess of the Empire of Gamilon (right), is shown here with her intrepid bodyguard, the inimitable Kitarina Telaia Dragonaar.

The Emerald Lensman
Wakaba Shinohara, showing a couple of Big Fire's Black Hoods how Cephirean mage knights do things downtown. (Why she went back to her old hairstyle is a mystery. Perhaps she was just feeling silly that day. :)

Kaitlyn in the Movies
Kaitlyn as she appeared in her first (relatively) major film role, as assassin Kimiko "Razor" Katagiri in Kanzaki Studios' 2407 hit, The Crimson Lizard vs. the World Crime League.

New Century Zatoichi
Promotional poster for Kaitlyn's signature film role, the title character in Kanzaki Studios' Shin Seiki Zatoichi series. Dave has also done some concept art showing a couple of Ichi's standard costumes: her traveling clothes, which are designed to avoid drawing unwanted attention on the road, and her working clothes, which are somewhat flashier. This version of Ichi makes her living mostly as a gambler, and you can't do that in a 20th-century setting without dressing nice.

The original size version of the poster image is also available, suitable for making background images or what have you.

Zatoichi vs. Wolverine
Teaser poster for the third New Century Zatoichi movie, Zatoichi tai Wolverine.

Steve Rogers
The Deputy Chief for Criminal Investigations himself, as first mentioned in Requiem for a Lensman. Dave came up with this by request for Steve's Babylon Project Galactic Database file on the Forum.

The Scarlet Sentinel & Arsenal
Dave's take on Wakaba Shinohara's favorite comic book heroes, which was used as the basis for the cover of Top Thrills Comics #300, as seen on the general reference images page.

Maj. Misato Katsuragi, WDF 13th Armored Cav
This is technically a Knights of Avalon: Heavy Metal Super Defense Force image, but since that series is a spin-off from Symphony of the Sword anyway and doesn't have its own page, I've put it here. It's the Operations Commander for the Avalon County Robot Offensive Support Squad, Major Misato Katsuragi, fresh(?) from the cockpit of her command vehicle, Skullomania. As you can see, she still wears the traditional battle togs of the 13th Cav.

Golden Moment
The lettering on the image says it all. For many of the Duelists, this was one of the great high points of the years between the Third and Fourth Symphonies. Major props to Dave for kicking this out in 48 hours after I was struck by the inspiration.

Hard-Traveling Heroes
Or "heroines", I suppose - two of the Symphony's intrepid supporting women, emulating a classic presentation. I tacked on the graphics out of a desire to toss in some homage of my own, but you can also have it without them if you prefer.

Colonial Day
Three pilots out for a night on the town: Colonial Day in Adama City, 2410.

"Red Jack" Tenjou, Terror of the Spanish Main
On deck, ye scabrous dogs! Look lively, there! The Black Prince's navy's out there, and they'll be wantin' their Rose Bride back - but they'll not have 'er while Red Jack Tenjou draws breath!

Visit Scenic New Avalon
Dave needed a city skyline to use as a backdrop for another image; here it is in postcard form.

Lensmen Two-in-One #208 gatefold/poster
The gatefold and poster for Lensmen Two-in-One #208, featuring the Justice League of Avalon!

Holiday Special 2006
New! The Ragnarok Wave and a few of their friends, circa Christmas 2401.

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