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Hopelessly Lost is the second of Eyrie Productions' fanfic projects, originally begun in the WPI era during the production of Out in the Cold: Undocumented Features Volume Three. MegaZone and I started it as a stress reliever, a simpler, smaller, more self-contained project than UF, which by then was starting to take on its unexpectedly cosmic scope. Its original title, Gryphon and Zoner Get Hopelessly Lost, may give some indication of the seriousness level with which we started it.

Over the course of production, we began to take it more seriously, and at the same time to experiment with it more boldly. Unfortunately, much of what we have developed for it hasn't seen the light of day, as the years have gone by and we've found ourselves ever more sidetracked by newer projects and the ever-increasing demands of Real Life.

Perhaps amazingly, the series remains on the active list, though it may be in line for a pretty major overhaul. Or maybe not. If you've been around EPU for a while, you should know that nothing is ever certain...

For historical curiosity's sake, here is the original introduction posted by Zoner and me to USENET before the first episode.

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