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This is a page for notifications of new additions to the site and the Eyrie Productions catalog in general - a central clearing-house for links to new material, for those who find poking around all our sub-pages looking for new stuff tiresome. There's also an RSS feed for even more convenience-oriented users!


  • A third promotional excerpt from The Legacy of Korra: Challenging the Cold Silence is now available on the aforementioned new subpage. 2014/07/18
  • Our in-progress Legacy of Korra special project, Challenging the Cold Silence: The Inside Story of Project Phoenix Flight, now has its own subpage under the Legacy tree. So far, the first two "promotional excerpts" originally released on the Forum can be found there, and subsequent ones will be appearing there as well - and naturally, it's where the book itself will eventually be released. 2014/07/16
  • At one point in Goodbye and Hello, As Always, the Third Movement of Symphony No. 5's Dìqiú Suite, we left Korra and the gang to spend an afternoon looking over some of the Avatar's old photos. Now we step back in time to see what they talked about in Madrigal for a Nostalgic Afternoon ("Avatar Storytime"). With concurrent audiobook release! 2014/06/30
  • The audiobook edition of The Legacy of Korra Book 6 Chapter 1: An Avatar in New Avalon, is now available! CAUTION: Contains Gryphon singing. 2014/06/17
  • Come along on a journey back to the early days of Future Imperfect! Here begins the story of of how Avatar Korra first came to New Avalon, 19 years before Symphony No. 5; why she made the trip; and what she found when she got there. It's Chapter 1 of The Legacy of Korra, Book 6: An Avatar in New Avalon! 2014/06/16
  • Here is the audiobook edition of S5DS04 Familiar Spirits, recorded with the aid of some new equipment! 2014/05/30
  • In the next installment of Symphony No. 5's Dìqiú Suite: Utena, Anthy, Corwin, their daughter, and her dragon companion are spending the spring in Dìqiú, which means they'll be on hand as an important date on the calendar arrives. Travel, adventure, and a few surprises await their young family in the suite's Fourth Movement, Familiar Spirits. (Audio edition coming soon.) 2014/05/29
  • The audiobook edition of Desolation Angel: Travels with the Phoenix Queen is now available for download. 2014/05/13
  • It's hard to know exactly where to file the compiled edition of Desolation Angel: Travels with the Phoenix Queen, since it covers such a span of time; but wherever it's filed, it collects eight Mini-Stories and three Featured Documents from the Eyrie Productions Discussion Forum into a single narrative cycle, all capped off with a brand new feature-length finale - Royal Progress - which is exclusive to the combined edition! (Audio will be along later.) 2014/05/10
  • The Eyrie Productions website has moved to a new server! We've got lots more disk space now, and that means the audiobook editions can start making a comeback. For starters, here's some of the recent content that wasn't able to appear in audio form at release (and some that's been lightly revised). Check the Symphony No. 5 index for new or refreshed audio editions of everything that's come out recently, from Le Droit du Dragon through Fire Hazards! Other currently missing audiobook editions to reappear Soon™. 2014/02/17
  • During the course of Goodbye and Hello, As Always, a few things occurred that we decided to tell in separate stories. In one, something happened to Anne "Juniper" Cross and her firebending teacher that ended up involving the Republic City Police and the Fire Marshal. Now you can find out what it was in Étude for Firebenders in A ("Fire Hazards"). 2013/12/17
  • Symphony No. 5's Dìqiú Suite continues! The Trinity's firstborn has arrived, and with her come whole new ways of looking at the world. And what of her draconic companion? The greetings and partings are all part of the order of things in the Third Movement, Goodbye and Hello, As Always. 2013/12/12
  • This story was first released as a Mini-Serial on the Eyrie Productions Discussion Forum, and can still be found there with prettier typesetting, but I decided that for archive purposes, it should be promoted to a regular story as a prelude to Symphony of the Sword No. 5's Dìqiú Suite. It's a look into the shared past of two new friends from the Suite's opening movement, in a story we call A Fire to be Lighted. 2013/12/02
  • Utena, Corwin, and the gang continue their vacation in otherworldly Dìqiú, reconnecting with old friends - and meeting a few new ones. Join them for the Second Movement of the Dìqiú Suite, What's Past Is Prologue! 2013/09/10
  • Nall Silverclaw and a few of his friends mysteriously disappeared for several hours during S5M4 Try, Try Again. Where did they go? And what was so urgent? Find out now in Le Droit du Dragon. 2013/08/18
  • A bit to everyone's surprise, Corwin and Utena's wedding came off without a hitch on the second try. Now they and a few of their friends are off for a holiday in the curious otherworld called Dìqiú. What wonders await? The Dìqiú Suite begins here with Honeymoon by the Sea! 2013/08/13
  • Here is the sixth in our ongoing series of omnibus editions compiling Undocumented Features Mini-Stories (originally appearing on the Eyrie Productions Discussion Forum). As always, this edition includes a brand new bonus story, never before released: Three Views of Dìqiú! (NOTE: If you haven't read Try, Try Again yet, you should probably do that before reading Three Views.) 2013/07/25
  • Symphony No 5 continues - in less than five years this time! The first attempt at the Duelists' Wedding of the Decade didn't quite work, but the gang has a plan to make the second go-'round a day to remember for the right reasons. Will they get away with it? If at first you don't succeed, Try, Try Again. With concurrent audio! 2013/07/20
  • Rounding out our Independence Day trio of Forum repacks, here is the maxi-Mini Story The Most Outrageous Top Gear Episode in the World... Ever, now placed where it fits in the Symphony of the Sword No. 3 timeline! 2013/07/04
  • Also originally presented on the Forum, here is the Lensmen: The Brave and the Bold episode "Night of the Kissogram!" complete and uncut! 2013/07/04
  • A new omnibus compiling the first five Missions (and several side trips) of the Forum Mini-Story series DSM Panic! is now available, setting the first part of that series in its proper time and context as part of Symphony of the Sword No. 5. 2013/07/04
  • Symphony of the Sword continues at last! When last we saw the gang, Corwin and Utena's wedding had gone a bit off the rails and the Earth Alliance had invaded Tau Ceti. Now we see what happens next - with a few perspectives you might not be expecting! Over on the Forum, we told you that story to tell you that story to tell you that story to tell you this story. It's the Third Movement of Symphony No. 5, First Dates and Firefights! MP3 audiobook edition also available. 2013/06/14
  • The fifth omnibus compilation of Undocumented Features Mini-Stories (originally appearing on the Eyrie Productions Discussion Forum) is now available, including the brand-new bonus story Untempered! 2013/05/20
  • The Surprise has jumped straight to the scene of the Collectors' latest raid while it's still in progress - but will Commander Shepard and her crew be in time to save anyone? It's Act III of Shepard's 11: "Renegades of Paragon". (Also available in MP3 audiobook format.) 2013/05/09
  • The audio edition of Shepard's 11 Act II - now with simultaneous release! 2013/04/25
  • Commander Shepard's got a good start on assembling her team, but she'll need more help than that to accomplish her mission - if she's got the time to round it all up. Here comes Act II of Shepard's 11: "Shepard's Privateers". 2013/04/25
  • The slightly belated audio edition of Shepard's 11 Act I is now available. 2013/04/13
  • Commander Virginia Shepard, WDF (deceased) is back from Valhalla and ready for action - just in time to take on a covert mission inside the newly-hostile Earth Alliance. To get this job done right, she'll need an army - or a really good team. She'll need Shepard's 11. 2013/04/12
  • It looks like I forgot to make a notification here when the audio version of Cybertron Reloaded Issue #5 went up. Anyway, it is, and now Issue #6 is available in MP3 as well. Also, audio editions of "Bottle Service" and "Direct Action" have been added to the Audio Mini-Stories area of the main Undocumented Features page. 2012/03/17
  • Transformers: Cybertron Reloaded continues. While the Autobots pick up the pieces in Little Iacon and try to figure out how the geth came to be sacking the district - and why - even stranger things are afoot in Aravex. Starscream's return may not be the most unexpected of the day - but it might end up being the shortest. Here comes Issue #6, "Adapt and Survive"! 2012/03/14
  • An audiobook edition of Weapon of Choice is now available, as well as a version with inline annotations. 2012/03/03
  • After 400 years of adventure, Chief Gryphon is no stranger to old friends he hasn't seen in years, or even decades, suddenly reappearing in his life. His yeoman even has a special code for it in the IPO personnel database. These occasions usually go smoothly enough - but when someone special walks out of a dark and bloody corner of his past and asks him for a favor that challenges his ethical boundaries, what will he do? Find out in tonight's Lensmen: The Brave and the Bold special event, Weapon of Choice. 2012/02/27
  • Coloring in another of Corwin and Utena's adventures in the summer of 2405 (which was lightly sketched in Correspondence), here is Sonata No. 1 ("Quarantena"). 2011/06/28
  • The audio edition of Rogue Squadron #5 is now available, plus we've rearranged the audio editions for all issues on the series page. 2011/06/07
  • The three-issue Rogue Squadron arc begun in issue #3, "Moral Imperative", concludes with issue #5, "Crucible". 2011/06/06
  • We've made a small change to the Symphony of the Sword pages; now you can easily tell which episodes have MP3 audiobook editions available by looking for this icon: next to an individual story's text link. Clicking the icon where it appears will take you to the audio files for that story. What's more, you can now find this icon next to every episode of Symphony No. 1! 2011/06/02
  • At long last, Cybertron Reloaded continues. The Decepticons are preparing for three days of war games - but not everyone is convinced it's a game. And what do the strange glitches in Cybertron's communications network have anything to do with it? All this and more in Issue #5, "Intrusion Countermeasures". 2011/03/06
  • An audiobook edition of S1M2 Christmas Rose has been added to the audio archive here. (Please note also that the existing audio bits of S1, Hogtown Rhapsody and Interlude at Bancroft Tower, have been moved as well to conform to the new audio organization standard.) 2011/02/04
  • Later this year will be the 10th anniversary of the release of the first Symphony of the Sword story, Wounded Rose. We'll hopefully be doing a few things over the next little while to observe the occasion, but for starters, I've gone all the way back to the beginning and recorded an audiobook edition, which can be found here. 2011/02/02
  • What?! Another new episode of Warrior's Legacy? Well, yeah, actually. Happy new year! (Audio edition to follow. I haven't been at home to record it.) 2011/01/04
  • Street Fighter: Warrior's Legacy continues! Last time around, Gryphon acquired a new student and a new mystery at the same time. Can he make any progress toward solving either one? Find out in Battle 06: Independence! (Three-part MP3 audiobook edition also available.)
  • Also, don't miss the Discussion Forum-exclusive Warrior's Legacy prelude story, Warrior Dawn: "The Contract"! 2010/12/23
  • While I'm doing some audio recordings, here's the first episode of Street Fighter: Warrior's Legacy, "Battle 01: Friendship", in MP3. I'm reasonably pleased with it; my Cammy voice is a little inconsistent, but I think it's the best I'm going to do. 2010/12/20
  • The MP3 audio edition of Rogue Squadron issue 4, "Codename SERAPH BLUE", is here as well. 2010/12/09
  • MP3 audio editions of the first three Rogue Squadron: Colonial Forces Special Flight Test Squadron stories are now available here. 2010/12/06
  • Seven months after her arrival in Don Griffin's present-day life, the girl who would once have grown up to be Phoenix has settled into her new world as if she owns the place. Can happiness ever last when you have a destiny as tangled as hers? It can if Don and his friends have anything to say about it... but someone else may have other plans. Project Phoenix (which now has its own series page) concludes with Issue 3, The Eye of Harmony! 2010-05-15
  • Paragon and Renegade, our latest bit of commissioned artwork, scouted by Pearson Mui, drawn by Phil Moy, and colored and graphicked up by Phil Moyer - got that? Three different guys - is now available in several different editions on the Symphony of the Sword commissioned artworks page. Enjoy! 2010-04-26
  • While I'm converting Forum Releases Other Than Mini-Stories into proper web pages, here's last year's Symphony No. 5 special, Top Gear: Road Film (With Fighting). 2010-04-14
  • Correspondence, an epistolary sequel to Star-Crossed, first appeared as a three-part Discussion Forum Mini-Story serial (FSVO "mini"). It's now available in a handy single-document format, like the Mini-Story Omnibus Editions. 2010-04-10
  • Our most recent piece of commissioned art for the Symphony of the Sword is now in color, and what color, courtesy our own Phil Moyer! Also, for Star-Crossed fans, there's a new Mini-Story serial starting on the Forum; this way to part I of Correspondence! 2010-03-21
  • Only, what, a year later, an MP3 audio edition of Manhunt is available. Links to the MP3 versions of each part can be found under those to the matching text files. Happy St. Patrick's Day! 2010-03-17
  • Wrapping up Star-Crossed with three epilogues showing what befalls some of the characters immediately after the closing of the main story, here is the Appendix, Happily Ever After. And in MP3, of course. 2010-03-12
  • It's the conclusion (but not quite the end) of Star-Crossed! Tali's got the fleet moving. Will they arrive in time - and who'll be waiting for them when they arrive? The chronicle of Goodyear reaches its end in Part IX, Defeat Never Permanent. As always, MP3 is here too. 2010-03-12
  • Star-Crossed continues: Gryphon's plan to save the people of Goodyear is underway. While Tali flies to meet her destiny, Gryphon stakes everything he has to hold the line and give her time to succeed. Can one man hold back the Blue Suns? It's Part VIII, Operation Desperate Gamble (MP3 here)! 2010-03-11
  • In the last episode of Star-Crossed, we left the good people of Goodyear gearing up for another battle with the Blue Suns. But even if they win, they've got other problems... Here's Part VII, The Purest Form of Democracy, and also in MP3. 2010-03-11
  • In Part 6 of Star-Crossed, the net tightens around the people of Goodyear - and one in particular. But is Gryphon the only one in town with a secret? Find out in The Moral High Ground. MP3 also, of course. 2010-03-11
  • The people of Goodyear know the Blue Suns will be back eventually - but are they or the Suns prepared for what else is becoming aware of the battle for Halo? Star-Crossed continues with Part V, Ockham's Razor, also available in MP3. 2010-03-10
  • When we left Tali'Shukra nar Kythera, she was looking down the barrel of a very bad day. But is it possible that things are even worse than they seem? Star-Crossed Part IV: Bad Day in Goodyear, with simultaneous MP3 audio. 2010-03-10
  • Star-Crossed rolls on with Part III, Goodyear (Pop. 225). Tali may have learned to trust Gryphon during their walk in the woods, but will anyone in the town they've just found? And will earning it cost more than they're willing to pay? With simultaneous audio release. 2010-03-09
  • We may not keep up this pace once the story gets out of its early stages, but for now, please enjoy another installment of Star-Crossed. It's Part II: A Walk in the Woods. Now with concurrent release of MP3 audio edition! (There's one for Part I as well.)
  • Part I of the new Exile story Star-Crossed is here! In 2356, Gryphon's the most wanted criminal in the galaxy, but being hunted by the law, like Masonry, sometimes opens doors. By responding to an invitation to an underworld auction, he may end up with more trouble than he bargained for. Get your bidder cards ready and stand by for The Crying of Lot 490. (Also, here's a link to the series compilation page for the previous Exile multi-parter, Manhunt, which I forgot to make public back when I made the page.) 2010-03-08
  • You've seen his adventures in mini-stories and issues of Special Assignment, but now Geoff Depew gets his very own Bacon Comics title! Join us for issue #1 of Hellbringer and the After-School Special Mission Force, "The Bad Bank Caper"! 2010.01.02
  • Undocumented Features Mini-Stories Omnibus Edition, Volume Four - This new volume collects 16 mini-stories originally posted to the Eyrie Productions Discussion Forum, plus an all-new story, "Mr. Midshipman Tenjou: For the Good of the Service"! 2009.08.27
  • There's a new piece of commissioned art for the Symphony of the Sword. Please enjoy Phil Moy's "The Burdens of Command", hunted for us (as usual) by the intrepid Doc Mui. 2009-06-09
  • The Butcher of Musashi is within Gryphon's grasp at last... but can he be caught? And what will happen to Gryphon and his crew if he can? Find out in the special double-sized final issue of Manhunt, ... Must Converge! 2009-05-31
  • Surprise and Enterprise are both bound for Salusia, and the Vampire of Saenar has been unmasked. The Manhunt is about to hit full speed in Part 5, Everything That Rises... 2009-05-29
  • With a new ship and a new mission, the core of the Invincible's crew sets out in search of the answers their captain needs - unaware that the situation is about to become even more complicated. Manhunt continues in part 4, Sleeping Alone Is For Suckers. 2009-05-27
  • Whatever secrets remain in the ruins of Musashi City, Gryphon is determined to get hold of them, if it means risking his own life in the search. Meanwhile, a message dispatched in a desperate moment reaches its destination - but what will its recipient make of it, and what will delivering it cost the messenger? It's a Collect Telegram from the Edge of Forever as Manhunt rolls on! 2009.05.25
  • Manhunt continues! As Gil Grissom returns to Salusia and gets back to work at his day job, another man and his surviving followers plan a scientific investigation of their own, while on Earth, Starfleet Headquarters puzzles over the strange visitor from another time whom the Salusian Navy rescued from Xawin. She has a message, she says - but who is it for? Fugitives and Messengers 2009.05.24
  • When an unknown starship crashes on the desolate ice planet Xawin, the Royal Salusian Navy calls in the Mounted Police to investigate - but can even Inspector Gil Grissom make sense of the secrets to be found within the wreck? Whose ship was the USS Invincible - and where have the survivors gone? The Mysterious Affair at Xawin is Part 1 of Manhunt, a multi-part series that chronicles the beginning of the end of the Undocumented Features Exile. (This story replaces Secrets.) 2009.05.22
  • I don't normally link to stuff on the Discussion Forum here, as content over there is normally by way of a bonus for Forum readers, but in this case the piece in question isn't really a "bonus" so much as the next bit of Symphony No. 5; it's presented on the Forum because that happens to be a convenient way of making the document's format look the way I want it. So here you are: If you're curious about the outcome of the action our heroes were heading into at the end of S5M2 Clarion Call, you'll want to check out Commodore Tenjou's preliminary report on Operation TRIDENT. 2009.04.30
  • Undocumented Features Mini-Stories Omnibus Edition, Volume Three - This new volume collect 16 mini-stories originally posted to the Eyrie Productions Discussion Forum, plus an all-new story, "Atomic Robo Hails a Taxi"! 2009.02.09
  • Bacon Comics Special Assignment Vol. 1 No. 78: "The Antianeira Incident" - One delayed phone call reveals an Earthforce plot to create a brigade of unstoppable soldiers... and the only people who can stop it are an exile from a mystic island and an assassin searching for redemption. A trek through the underworld of Earth brings them face to face with the dark side of the Ministry of Peace, and what ties does all of this have to World War II? 2008.12.08
  • The next piece of the Warriors of the Outer Rim saga is ready. Here's The Fulcrum of Fate, Part IV! 2008.11.18
  • An MP3 audiobook edition of Bubblegum Crisis: The Iron Age Issue #3: "This Year's Model" is now available. Please grab it one file at a time to spread out the bandwidth demands a bit. Thanks and enjoy! 2008.10.29
  • Return to Mega Tokyo 2032 for the next issue of Bubblegum Crisis: The Iron Age - it's time to meet "This Year's Model"! 2008.10.21
  • Hiroshi Morisato has settled in comfortably to his new role as Tomodachi's resident superhero - but what about his plan to move to New Avalon? It's not that easy when everyone on the planet is counting on you. Code Name: Ultra 2008.08.26
  • On with Symphony of the Sword No. 5! The day some Duelists have been awaiting for years is finally at hand. Now all they have to do is get through it. Stand by for Clarion Call! 2008.07.28
  • I've recorded an MP3 audio version of the Undocumented Features Forum Mini-Story "Living Large", just for the hell of it. 2008.04.11
  • There's an RSS feed of this very page available now. Props to Dave "donnerjack" Lawson, Slarti's co-worker and member of the Ardie Extended Competence Search Network, for doing the legwork. 2008.04.08
  • Time for another art update: Phil has completed a new piece showing one of our very own Valkyrie. 2008.04.06
  • Newly colored commissioned artwork goes up today! Phil has completed colorings of one piece by each of the talented Moy brothers - one to be found on the Symphony of the Sword commissioned art page, and one over on the page for Raven: Blood Ties. 2008.03.14

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