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I started on Warrior's Legacy for the same reason I start all my projects: because it seemed like a good idea at the time. The idea started forming while I was still working at Leading Edge Products, when a co-worker of mine brought in a copy of the manual for the White Wolf Street Fighter role-playing game. I haven't gamed in years, but the book gave me the beginnings of an idea anyway.

I started poking through the game book, designing myself as a character; first as I really would be, in all my pathetic lack of glory, and then as the version of me I'd actually try to play. Gradually, as I worked with the system, that character got more powerful; I added experience and then applied it as if he were working his way through a series of adventures, until he reached a level where he was comparable to the World Warrior characters provided.

Then I saw Fatal Fury (the OVA, not the game), and said to myself, "You know, there's some potential in this genre." Some of the design of the WL world is based in fact. MegaZone and I really were housemates when this series started. We aren't freelance spies, but we do enjoy spy movies and cheesy "buddy" action flicks. The fusion of fantasy and reality in this universe amuses and pleases us both.

So, essentially, WL started (as all my projects seem to) as a lark, to divert my attention (some would say destructively) from the multifarious other worlds I've got my hands into the creation of and do something light and amusing. To an extent, it still is; it does tend to be a bit further over the top than most of my other work. But on the other hand, the central motive of the main character is deadly serious (and will be explored further as the series progresses), and I think that makes him quite an interesting alterself, as they go.

Warrior's Legacy used to be my comfortingly steady series, coming an episode a year whether my creative season was feast or famine. That's ended, but it's still the world to which I return to when the pressures of dealing with the others, from the prolific (UF) to the recalcitrant (Iron Age) frustrate me too much to continue.

Enjoy, then, the unfolding adventures of this particular me; a walking contradiction, a violent gentleman, looking for a bit of fulfillment, and maybe a bit of fun, in a curious mirror of our own world.

Gryphon's World Warrior scorecard to date:

Opponent Date Venue Outcome Notes
WHITE, Cammy June 10 Castle MacLir, Scotland W KO Rank advancement bout; not calculated in World Warrior standings
ZANGIEF, S.P. July 13 Dnepropovinsk, Russia W KO Fight interrupted by train wreck and rescue operation(!)
HOSHI, Ryu August 5 Worcester, MA, USA W KO First home-ground bout at World Warrior level
MASTERS, Ken August 5 Worcester, MA, USA L KO Conducted immediately after the above match, allegedly on a bet
GUILE, William August 9 Groom Lake AFB, NV, USA L KO Bout unwitnessed but attested to officials by both fighters. Groom Lake AFB not open to public
GUILE, William October 8 Nellis AFB, NV, USA W KO Rematch witnessed quite comprehensively during Nellis AFB Open House
BLANKA, James October 29 Worcester, MA, USA W First bout held at St. Spyridon Home for Wayward Fight Girls
EL FUERTE November 5 Mexico City, Mexico W Double match with EL FUEGO and KASUGANO, Sakura in the latter's WW advancement bout

71 (5) 56 (3) 4 (2) 0 .714

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