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Gods Willing was launched, perhaps a bit prematurely, in January of 1995. Only the first episode ever saw the light of day; the second, while nearly complete, foundered on the rocks of a number of moves and career changes that broke my emotional connection to the GW universe and made proceeding with it extremely difficult. Still, I continued to hope that one day, that connection would find itself renewed, because there were several good pieces of work designed for the future of this universe if it could regain any momentum.

And one day in late August 1999, that's exactly what happened. I don't know how long it will last, but everything clicked for me that night, and the second episode of GW was at long last complete.

For the sake of historical curiosity, here is the original introduction to Gods Willing, posted to USENET prior to the launch of the series. Note MegaZone's exceedingly non-prophetic pronouncement that the stories "write fast"...

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