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Undocumented Features began as a creation half pilot project, half college-life spoof, based around the first pair of anime characters I got to know well and a structure of in-jokes which are fully understandable only to people who attended WPI in the early 1990s. Its origin is, in many ways, the origin of Eyrie Productions itself.

From those modest beginnings, UF grew beyond our wildest expectations, developing a history that currently spans nearly five hundred years and a scope that takes in an entire galaxy. It has attracted a group of contributors who have greatly enriched and broadened its universe. It has become something greater than the sum of its parts, and it continues to grow.

Presented here is the entire Undocumented Features canon, broken down into its four segments. The Core contains the four main UF stories. These stories tell the origins and key events of UF's central arc. They can stand alone; while the other pieces in the UF canon illustrate, embellish, or continue after them, they represent the original heart of the story. Two of the other three segments, the Golden Age and the Exile, expand upon the events of the Core. Future Imperfect chronicles what's gone on in the UF universe since the end of the Core volumes, and encompasses several sub-series within its overarching timeline.

The full breakdown looks something like this:

(If you think that looks confusing from here, imagine what it's like developing new content for it...)

A chronological listing of (almost) all released UF stories is available, showing the order in which all the supporting pieces interlock with the Core to span the full history of the UF universe as it stands today.

In addition, there's a series of "Mini-Stories" originally developed as bonus goodies for the Eyrie Productions Discussion Forum. Since Minis can be set in any of the various branches of UF, the omnibus HTML editions compiling them are listed here instead of on one of the subpages, thus:

Audio Mini-Stories

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