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Something sinister lurks in the past of the Titan called Raven.

She thought she could outrun it. She thought she could avoid its notice. She thought it was no longer an issue.

She was wrong.

Now, more than two years after being cast out of the mystic enclave of Azarath and finding her way to New Avalon, Raven faces her greatest challenge. To overcome it, she'll need the help of old friends, new friends... and one perfect stranger.

Bacon Comics presents:

Raven: Blood Ties
a three-issue mini-series

The Issues

The Artwork

Raven/The Demon Halloween Special

Produced by the same creative team that brought Bacon Comics fans Blood Ties, the Halloween Special was released shortly thereafter. It ties up some of the threads left loose by the mini's secondary plot and stands as a sort of coda to the work, and so is presented here.

Raven/The Demon Halloween Special

Halloween Special cover gallery:

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