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In the wake of his daughter Annabelle's abduction by the forces of the Black Rose, Corwin Ravenhair went and did something... rather rash. As a result, he now finds himself both commander and protector of a renegade force from the legendary, near-mythical Fleet of Fog.

This was a complication he was entirely not prepared for, but now that it's developed, he's determined to do the best he can. Organized into a branch of the Order of the Rose, the ships of Admiral Ravenhair's White Rose Fleet have much to learn about the unfamiliar business of being sapient lifeforms—and theyll need to learn fast, with the Black Rose, the Earth Alliance military, and their own former comrades all on their trail...

Eyrie Productions, Unlimited
The Order of the Rose: Romance of Combined Fleet Record

By Benjamin D. Hutchins
et al.

Based on Kantai Collection created by
and Arpeggio of Blue Steel created by
Ark Performance

Supporting File: Memo to the Bureau of Ships

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version 3.3 © 2001
Eyrie Productions, Unlimited
Benjamin D. Hutchins
E P U (Colour)