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No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 OOTR Imagery

Imagery Section
General Reference Section

Here are some pictures of Symphony-related items or their close analogs, for your edification.

Kaolla Suu
This is a scan from the Love Hina manga, snagged by a sharp-eyed fan (Berk Watkins) when I mentioned that Azalynn dv'Ir Natashkan's visual appearance was based on Suu, but that Azalynn was a bit more mature and had totally different mannerisms. Never having seen Love Hina (I got the inspiration for Azalynn's looks from, of all things, a music video Truss dug up, which featured footage from that show; that's all the exposure to it I've had), I didn't realize just how apt the comparison was until I saw this shot. She's pretty damn close to Az in this, except for the obvious discrepancy with numbers of digits, and the fact that Azalynn's guitar is a lot more modern. She'd wear that outfit, though; in fact, she is wearing it at the Spring Formal in Roses in Springtime. :) (Note: They're even both left-handed. Creepy coincidence... )

This is Boy Detective Narutaki, the protagonist of Kia Asamiya's Steam Detectives. I read the Steam Detectives manga a year or two ago, liked it a lot, and then filed it away in my mental library of visual references. Corwin Ravenhair was originally invented as an adult, then sort of reverse-engineered into the early-teens version in the Symphony, and when I first set out to describe him, I kept having the feeling that there was an anime or manga character who he resembled at that age... but I couldn't think of who, until I happened to re-read Steam Detectives on a whim the other day, and blam, there he was. I got this image from Irrepressable, a nifty website featuring images and info about the Steam Detectives TV series, which I haven't seen yet.

Utena's Snapshot of Anthy
This is the snapshot of Anthy Himemiya (the Rose Bride) which was given to Utena by Miki in Christmas Rose.

Corwin's Moment of Perfect Clarity
In Knights of the Tenth World, Part 3, Corwin Ravenhair experiences a moment of perfect beauty and clarity which shapes a decision that will affect his entire life. The image that inspired that - and in large part all of that arc of the Symphony - is here for your reference. Fair warning: it's rather large.

Flag of the Republic of Zeta Cygni
Just like it says - this is the official flag of the Republic of Zeta Cygni (capital New Avalon), home of the Wedge Defense Force and the International Police Organization. The symbol in the corner is called the Star of Avalon, and is also the basis of the symbol of the International Police.

Seal of the IPSF
Operational sigil of the International Police Space Force, incorporating the embellished red version of the Star of Avalon used by the IPO. (The silver bar-and-ring frame is unique to the Space Force.) Created by me and designed by Chris Pinard.

Project Sovereign poster
As seen in Corwin's room on Tomodachi in Phil Moyer's "A Kiss Goodnight", this is the poster commemorating the launch of IPS Challenger in 2404.

Art of Noise 2405 poster
Also seen (albeit only a little) in "A Kiss Goodnight", this is the poster from the Art of Noise's March 2405 Toronto show, as seen in Roses in Springtime.

This is the identity shield carried by International Police Organization Psionics Division AEGIS operatives - a group of agents designed to serve as "anti-Psi Cops". (This particular one belongs to Agent Imra Ardeen, code name Ringwalker.)

New Avalon Cornet-Scientifer
As seen in Gunboat Diplomacy, this is the front page of the June 9, 2406 Evening City Edition of the New Avalon Cornet-Scientifer, the City in the Sphere's most popular daily newspaper. Developed on the EPU Discussion Forum from a prototype by Geoff "Mephron" Depew.

Chiricahua Scout
Here are a couple of pictures of Scout, the horse provided for Anthy at Jezebel Resort in Coming to Terms.

Instruments of the Art of Noise
Here's a little gallery of the musical instruments used by Kate's band, the Art of Noise.

The World Wide Building
A few photos of the World Wide Building, home to Corwin Ravenhair since The End of the Tour.

The New 20th Century Limited
The New York Central Railroad's 1938 poster advertising the relaunch of their 20th Century Limited from New York to Chicago. The poster was designed by Henry Dreyfus (who also designed the J3 Hudson steam locomotive used to pull the Limited) and painted by Leslie Ragan, and can be seen in Corwin's apartment on the top floor of the World Wide Building.

The Robots of S4M2: A Quick Look
As the title suggests, this page gives a quick look at the robots used by our heroes in A Night to Remember.

Old Exterminator
Here's a quick-n-dirty Starships Reference-style writeup of Corwin's machine from S3E: Arena, a much-modified Zaku II which proved to the galaxy at large that, with Corwin at the controls, even a Zeon mobile suit can be cool.

Raggedy Anthy
It's Raggedy Anthy, hand made by our very own "Jedi Anne" Springsteen! What else can I say?

Looking for the comics covers? They've got their own page now!

The Crimson Lizard vs. the World Crime League Special Edition theatrical poster
Just like it says - this is the theatrical poster for the 2409 re-release of The Crimson Lizard vs. the World Crime League, Kaitlyn's first big film role. The Special Edition re-release was sparked by popular demand, largely in the form of bootleg VDCs featuring the deleted "Razor's Lair Hottub Scene", which was released on the original home-video crystal version, reinserted into the movie in the appropriate spot.

Core image by Dave Menard. Poster by Benjamin D. Hutchins with help from Chad Collier.

Zatoichi vs. the Crimson Lizard theatrical poster
Hold onto your shirts, Ishiyama action film fans - this is the double-header you've been waiting for since New Century Zatoichi hit the screen! Filmed in absolute secrecy right after shooting wrapped on Zatoichi vs. Wolverine, released to an unsuspecting public on Kate's 21st birthday, this film is her directorial debut and ties together the two most popular action franchises in the history of Kanzaki Studios. (We're going to need a new subpage for movie posters if we get too many more of them done... )

Core image by Dave Menard. Poster by Benjamin D. Hutchins with help from Chad Collier.

1140 Wildwood Road
A virtual model of 1140 Wildwood Road, home to Kaitlyn, Utena, and Anthy in Symphony No. 4, constructed by your editor using the house-building tools in The Sims 2. Beware! Lots of images, may take a while to load.

Join Galactor
New! Well, not actually new, but I'm just getting around to linking it now. As seen on Kozue Kaoru's T-shirt in S4E: The Kindness of Strangers. Created by Rob Shannon.

Fig. 1 Polar Bear Dog with Avatar
Avatar Korra (of The Legend of Korra fame, and introduced into UF in Symphony No. 5) and her best friend Naga, illustrating the relative scales of a polar bear dog and a not-particularly tall Southern Water Tribeswoman.

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