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Imagery Section
Starships Reference Section

Here are some images and fact sheets about some of the starships which have made appearances in the Symphony.

Gryphon's personal starship, an early-twenty-first-century-vintage Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1312 Portsider-class light freighter converted for asteroid racing. Often borrowed by Corwin (whose own ship, the One-Hit Wonder, was not yet spaceworthy before Roses in Springtime) for his near-weekly trips to Earth.

First seen in the non-Symphony story Days of Miracle and Wonder; first Symphony appearance in Christmas Rose.

The One-Hit Wonder
Corwin's personal ship, restored from a scrapyard derelict by his parents and Kei Morgan so that his father could have Daggerdisc back.

Debuted in Roses in Springtime.

IPS Challenger
Gryphon's day job, flagship of the International Police Space Force, and one of the mightiest vessels ever to sail the Sea of Stars.

First seen in Fanfare for an Exiled Prince in E-flat Major.

NMS Morning Sun
The mighty chariot of ace Network 23 reporter John "Truss" Trussell, popular host of Network 23 Action News with John Trussell.

First seen in Hunted Rose; destroyed in Valiant Rose.

IKV HoSghaj
The IPO Space Force's other ship, on loan from the Imperial Klingon Defense Forces, under the command of the valiant Captain Krontep vathKesek and his loyal crew. Taco Night every Saturday!

Debuted in Reflections in Transition.

GCS Lorica
Princess Amanda Elektra Dessler of Gamilon's personal transport, captured as a prize of war during the extremely brief Gamilon War of Succession in 2405.

First seen (and captured) in Pavane for a Dead Princess.

CFA No Bull
Personal transport and part-time job of Kate and company's classmate Harcourt "Mac" McKenzie.

First appearance: Blue Moon Serenade.

Swordfish II
Once Gryphon's famed and feared Unlimited Class asteroid racer, refurbished by its creator and Corwin Ravenhair and presented to Utena Tenjou for her sixteenth birthday, December, 2405.

First seen in Another Christmas Rose.

IPS Valiant
Second of the IPO Space Force's Defiant-class Next Generation Destroyers, Captain Utena Tenjou's first command, summer 2406.

Debuted in Ad Astra.

Ship Scale Diagram
A quick little diagram showing the relative scales of some of the more commonly-seen starship types in the UF universe, including a couple of Symphony favorites. Labeled for your convenience. Ship images bodged from merzo.net. (Yes, I've disagreed with the source site on the size of the battlestar. No, I'm not going to discuss it. That's how big a battlestar is in the UF universe. Deal with it.)

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