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Imagery Section
Wakaba's Comics Collection

Duelist Wakaba Shinohara, the Emerald Lensman, is an avid collector of comic books, especially those printed by the Bacon Comics Group (a division of BaconMedia). Here are the covers of some of her favorite issues.

Top Thrills Comics

Top Thrills is Wakaba's favorite title, and one of Bacon Comics' best sellers. It chronicles the entirely fictional adventures of Leonard Moreau - the Scarlet Sentinel, a superhero with a mystic Ring of Power - and his fearless partner Susan (Arsenal) Jones, master of all weapons. Past its 300th issue and still going strong, Top Thrills is personally penned by BC publisher Derek Bacon himself.

Top Thrills Comics #298
This is the cover of issue #298 of Wakaba's favorite title, Top Thrills Comics. #298 ("Heart of the Union") is the issue Wakaba showed to Imra Ardeen in S3M3: Valiant Rose. It's part 4 of The Cardassian Caper, the half-year story arc which ramped up for some major changes to the book for issue #300.

Cover illustration by Phil Moyer. Graphics by Benjamin D. Hutchins. Clean version also available.

Top Thrills! Comics #300
This is the cover of the landmark 300th issue of Top Thrills! Comics. Among other things, issue #300 sees the departure of longtime series artist Phil Moyer (he moved on to Tales of the Lensmen, where he'd previously just done guests spots and covers) and his replacement by the team of Dave Menard and Piotr Rasputin, the return of Arsenal (she went missing in issue #297), and the inclusion of an exclamation point in the title.

Cover illustration by Dave Menard, with graphics work by Benjamin D. Hutchins. Clean version without cover graphics also available.

Tales of the Lensmen

The Bacon Comics flagship title, Tales of the Lensmen is an anthology series which delivers just what its title promises: (Mostly) true stories of the International Police's most intrepid agents, the mighty Lensmen! It's not uncommon for particularly popular Lensmen introduced in the pages of Tales to get their own mini- or even unlimited series, so many of BC's other reality-based books (TUNCER: The Last Elite, Read or Die, Daikaiju Express) sprang from its pages. The only single titles which consistently rival the popularity of Tales are its sister publications (Lensmen Team-Up and Lensmen Two-in-One) and of course Top Thrills.

Tales of the Lensmen #135
Tales of the Lensmen #135 was the first of the seven-issue mini-arc which introduced the Teikokukagekidan Hanagumi to the faithful readers of BC's flagship title.

Illustration and graphics by Phil Moyer (original BC and TotL title graphics designed by Benjamin D. Hutchins).

Tales of the Lensmen #172
Tales of the Lensmen #172, "Read or Die!", introduced Lensman Yomiko Readman to readers of the popular Bacon Comics series. As seen in S4M3: On the Road Again.

Cover illustration by Phil Moyer. Graphics devised by Benjamin D. Hutchins and realized with much greater finesse by Phil Moyer.

Tales of the Lensmen #178
The first issue to feature the First Lensman since the disappearance of Kei Morgan, Tales #178 featured guest art by the inimitable team of Menard and Rasputin (regular artists on Top Thrills Comics since issue #300) and a script by independent filmmaker Chad Collier, who had just recieved the nod to direct Benitokage tai Toriparu Ekusu at Kanzaki Films on Ishiyama when the Chief emerged from seclusion. "Jailbreak!" also introduces a new branch of the International Police, Special Assignment 11!

Cover illustration by Dave Menard. Fiending Photoshop skills by Chad Collier and Phil Moyer. Clean version also available.

Lensmen Two-in-One

A companion series to Tales of the Lensmen, Lensmen Two-in-One issues customarily live up to the title in one of two ways: either the issue contains two short pieces focusing on a single Lensman apiece, or, more commonly, a story in which two Lensmen work together (as in Tales' other companion series, Lensmen Two-in-One).

Lensmen Two-in-One #208
New! Wakaba's favorite issue of Two-in-One - because she's on all three variant covers!

Artwork and composition by Dave Menard.

Rogue Squadron

Launched in mid-2410, Rogue Squadron is another of BC's reality-based titles. It follows the exploits of hotshot starpilot and Rose Duelist Kozue Kaoru and the rest of a ragtag group of misfit pilots under the command of the great Colonial Warrior and test pilot Denis "Wedge" Antilles.

Rogue Squadron #1
The cover of the inaugural issue of Rogue Squadron, which included the foundation of the squadron itself and introductions to the main characters. The buzz on Kaoru, a frequent guest star in Duelists of the Rose and a top supporting player in the red-hot Ravenhair: Iron Knight miniseries before Rogue Squadron's debut, made Rogue Squadron #1 a major collector's item that went to four printings in the month of its release.

Cover illustration by John Staton. Colored and arranged by Phil Moyer. Rogue Squadron title banner designed by Benjamin D. Hutchins.

Raven: Blood Ties

This three-issue mini-series chronicles a major turning point in the life of Raven, one of the New Avalon Titans and a person with unexpected, if oblique, connections to Wakaba's own past. It also has its own page in the Bacon Comics area.

Raven: Blood Ties #1
Cover illustration by Dave Menard. Comic-book markings by Dave Menard and Benjamin D. Hutchins.

Raven: Blood Ties #2
Cover illustration by Dave Menard. Comic-book markings by Benjamin D. Hutchins.

Raven: Blood Ties #3
Cover illustration by Dave Menard. Comic-book markings by Benjamin D. Hutchins.

TUNCER: The Last Elite

Another of Bacon Comics' most popular titles, TUNCER: The Last Elite chronicles the adventures of the legendary Tuncer, a Covenant Elite who defected to the United Galactica side in the Covenant War. Today he fights for truth and justice as the leader of the International Police Organization's special trouble team, the Repo Men - as featured in Tuncer's other title, Tuncer & the Repo Men.

TUNCER: The Last Elite #271
New! In this issue of the much-loved Last Elite's solo book, he faces off against the deadly menace of a mysterious cyborg killer bent on annihilating the Repo Men's new Jedi liaison! With his Force-wielding comrade in a bacta tube, can Tuncer prevail alone against a killing machine trained in the art of lightsaber combat by a Lord of the Sith?

Cover illustration by Phil Moyer. Comic-book markings by Benjamin D. Hutchins.

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