The Universal Science Fiction Parody

Written by Derek Bacon

I began the Universal Science Fiction Parody (USFP for short) during the year that I was on hiatus from my student career at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I was working as a registrar in a hospital emergency room on nights and weekends, and needed something to combat the boredom. So, I started the USFP.

The idea is not original to me, although the plot certainly is. The idea of crossover fanfics probably dates from when there were first two science fiction series on at the same time. Actually, it's probably even older than that. If you read any of the SF-related Usenet groups at all, you are probably familiar with the X-ship vs. Y-ship thread. It is generally kind of lame. A lot of fanfics are written around the same premise, some quite good, some quite bad.

This one is intended to ridicule them all, while being internally funny as well. Other reviewers have found it so, I hope you will too.

The Parody