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About Eyrie Productions



EPU Headquarters

Eyrie Productions, Unlimited was founded in 1991 by three WPI students, though its origins begin many years before that. Its first official headquarters was room 401 in WPI's Morgan Hall dormitory. For the full story of the early days, see our official Secret Origin:

Inchoation: The Secret Origin of Gryphon and Eyrie Productions

In the intervening years, EPU's headquarters has changed places many times. Currently, its spiritual home is a 1971 Airstream Overlander parked somewhere in Maine. EPU has small offices all over the country and has recently announced international expansion with the opening of an art design bureau in Canada!

Eyrie Productions' World Wide Web presence came about in October of 1995. Back then, the site was located at www.eyrie.net, and was actually a fan-run site, registered, created, and maintained by our friends at JuraiNet. Eventually, as my wherewithal for web projects and eventually server hosting increased, I was able to slowly take over first the administration and then the hosting of the site. In 1998 I registered eyrie-productions.com for the sake of compliance with RFC 1591. (Granted, I'm the only one involved who actually cares about RFC 1591 - Network Solutions certainly doesn't - but I digress.)

Today, www.eyrie-productions.com is graciously hosted (and the server administered) by friend-of-the-show Dave "donnerjack" Lawson, in an Undisclosed Location somewhere on the Atlantic seaboard of the United States.

This is eyrie-productions.com version 3.4. Version 3's look and feel were conceived by me, then designed and created with 403 Forbidden Web Design; the underlying code was adapted by Dave to work on his more modern web server. Version 3.0 went live at 1:21 AM EDT on Thursday, August 26, 1999.


version 3.3 © 2001
Eyrie Productions, Unlimited
Benjamin D. Hutchins
E P U (Colour)

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