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Enthusiastic Personages

Here are a few people who, while not direct contributors to any of the Eyrie Productions universes, are nevertheless important parts of the creative process and enthusiastic supporters of EPU and its projects.

  • Ashura
    Rob Shannon, concept developer and nitpicker, primarily on UF.
  • Sinapus
    Pat Chester, proofreader, idea springboard. Pat periodically threatens to produce an actual UF story. If he ever does, it'll get in, but only because he started threatening to do so well before the universe was closed.
  • Slarti
    Chris Pinard, elder gweep (well, not to me, he showed up the year after I did - but to the kiddies today he is :), former Jer-housemate and Repository of Comic Book Knowledge.
  • StClair
    Kelly StClair considered starting a branch of UF back in the day, but eventually thought better of it and aborted the project. He's still seen around occasionally, helping out with concepts and the ever-critical proofreading chores.
  • Jer Johnson (He's Huge!)
    When the EPU server was displaced by Northpoint's sudden deadness (and the resultant vanishment of Shamrock House's DSL), old WPI hand and long-time gweeper Jer stepped in and became our gracious host, giving poor homeless rei a place in his living room closet and a share in the bountiful bandwidth of his very own T1. The bandwidth situation has changed since, but Jer remains our very own bestest Jer.
  • Anne Springsteen
    A real live scientist and our scientific consultant, Anne (not to be confused with the Dragon Mage, Anne Cross) is also the most recent person-we-know character added to the Undocumented Features universe, proving that UF is staying true to its roots even into its second decade.


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