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Related Works (non-Eyrie)

Here you will find a listing of some related works of fiction which, though Eyrie Productions personnel are involved in their creation, are not part of the Eyrie Productions catalog.

  • Anime Detective
    Pearson "Doc" Mui's Anime Detective series.
  • Anime War Crisis
    A parody crossover series featuring the involvement of our own Martin "PCHammer" Rose.
  • Dirty Pair fanfic
    Here are the pieces that indirectly got Undocumented Features started - Ryan Mathews's Dirty Pair fics - as well as Larry Mann's Experiment 101-E, the story which eventually led to Larry's involvement with Eyrie Productions.
  • Robotech Fanfic
  • The Robotech stylings of sometime UF contributor Chris "Mako" Meadows and friends. I'm told that I appear in Robotech: The Misfold as a character...
  • Serendipity
    The crossover fanfic series that brought Special Guest for Life Phil Moyer into the online orbit of Eyrie Productions, even though he's never contributed directly to any of the EPU universes.
  • The Universal Science-Fiction Parody
    The late Derek Bacon's magnum opus, thankfully preserved for posterity.

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