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Eyrie Productions Creative Staff

Past and Present

Listed here, alphabetically by nickname, are the folks who are active creators and contributors to the various Eyrie Productions universes.

  • Ardaniel
    Through a curious combination of good humor, good timing and good ideas, Janice "Ardaniel" Barlow began as a vocal fan, became one of the Usual Suspects, then evolved into an Undocumented Features contributor.
  • "Canada Dave" Menard
    Fan artist turned staff artist Dave Menard is the outfit's first Canadian member!
  • Juniper
    Anne Cross, Special Contributing Editor, mojo consultant, and model for a UF character.
  • Gryphon
    EPU's Webmaster and Editor in Chief, yours truly, Benjamin D. "Gryphon" Hutchins.
  • MegaZone
    The one, the only (in this configuration, anyway), the (as far as we know) original MegaZone, co-founder, raconteur, technologist, Renaissance man.
  • Mephron
    If Rat (listed below) isn't Eyrie Fan #1, Geoff "Mephron" Depew is, and vice versa. We can't remember now which of them surfaced first, but Geoff has the undisputed distinction of being the first non-WPI UF fan to appear in person, in Worcester, when all that was out was the very first Core story, to say hello and take a look around the campus. He did our dishes! He's grown out of the larval stage nicely in the intervening years, and is now a solid member of the creative team.
  • PCHammer
    Martin Rose, the first non-WPI-based UF contributor, adept at both comedy and tragedy.
  • Philip-M
    Phil Moyer, author of the most excellent Serendipity, catalyst to the creative process, Resident Juriologist, and EPU staff artist #1 in his copious free time. Phil was EPU's original Special Guest for Life until he stepped in as the full-on go-to guy on the Cybertron Reloaded project. He also served as eyrie.net's webmaster during its fan-site days.
  • R-Type
    Larry Mann, a long-time friend of and collaborator with Ryan Mathews, who came to UF by a roundabout path and ended up branching into other EPU universes too. He's also one of our three permanent staff artists.
  • Toozday
    Sublieutenant Toozday, Gadaiyio Takeimienei... the late, great and much-beloved Derek Bacon. He's gone now, but he's still an active contributor to the UF universe, thanks to the notes and the memories that he left behind.
  • Truss
    WPI personage, GweepCo founder, and the only UF bit character who knew yours truly before college, Truss found his way into the EPU writers' cadre almost by accident by contributing to NXE. He's also EPU's Art Director and the mind behind 403 Forbidden Web Design.
  • Wedge
    VFX guy Chad "Wedge" Collier came into UF with some mad Photoshop skills and general sane coolness.

Naturally, no rundown of the EPU suspect list would be complete without retired UF contributor and Special Guest for Life Pearson "Doc" Mui, author of the Leap Years and Dimension Hopping branches of UF as well as his own Anime Detective series.

Additionally, there are several contributors who have moved on to other, non-Eyrie projects or drifted out of contact over the years.

  • Mechaman
    James Rinehart was a welcome presence at our Online Creativity Center for years and designed characters for his own UF project. It unfortunately never came to pass, though the characters he developed turn up in at least one of Marty Rose's Hammer Time stories.
  • NinjaRat
    Rich "Rat" Pieri is one of the earliest identified UF fans and a long-time supporter of EPU. He's also been a contributor to an often-stalled EPU project, Gods Willing.
  • Pfloyd
    Adam "Pfloyd" Johnson was a WPI student at the time of EPU's inchoation and contributed One Vision to the UF canon before graduating and vanishing from the face of the Earth, with only rare and unconfirmed sighting reports thereafter.
  • Redneck
    Kris Overstreet, creator of the UF universe's Confederate Freespacers.
  • ReRob
    Rob Mandeville, one of the three original UF creators. He graduated, got a good job, got married (someday, Zoner and I will be able to put down The Tales of ReRob's Wedding for posterity) and settled down. We still hear from him now and again and are glad he's doing well.
  • Robotech_Master
    Chris "Mako" Meadows was a very active participant in the UF universe during the early expansion days, but he's also graduated and faded into the mists of late.


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