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Imagery Section
Weapons Reference Section

Below are images of some of the weapons of the Symphony.

Kotetsu no Sasayaki
This is Kaitlyn's zatoichi, the sword which she carries with her at almost all times. You can buy one just like it from Museum Replicas Limited if you've got a spare $119.95 and a scary fan complex. :) The name (worked out for me by Rob Shannon) means "Iron Whisper".

Not quite the Thorn of the Rose
This is a schiavona, a particularly pretty type of cut-and-thrust sword. It served as the inspiration for the Thorn of the Rose, but unlike Kotetsu no Sasayaki above, it isn't an exact replica. Among the differences: the Thorn is double-edged, and sports a more obvious rose motif in its decoration (the basket has thorns, for instance, and the pommel is a rose gem like that on the Sword of Dios, not the golden cat's head of the schiavona). Also, the reference piece obviously lacks the Thorn's runic inscription. This sword, like the zatoichi, can be had from Museum Replicas Limited.

Phaser 1B
Sestra Weapons Corporation hand phaser, Type 1B; standard-issue reserve officer's sidearm for the International Police Organization Space Force.

Corwin Ravenhair's favorite weapon, a draconic warstaff carved from the mystic ash of a cast-off branch of Yggdrasil and shod with uru, the natural iron of Asgard.

Mauser C/96
The Mauser C/96 "broomhandle" (so nicknamed for its distinctive grip) was one of the earliest service automatics, introduced in 1896 by the German firm of Paul Mauser Waffenfabrik AG. Corwin Ravenhair's example, first seen in Knights of the Tenth World, Part 1, was acquired by Skuld from a German WWI fighter pilot who had the misfortune of being shot down in 1917. Though the standard Valkyrie sidearm is the P.08 Luger, the girls got together when Corwin became old enough for weapons training and agreed that a distinctive Valkyrie needed a distinctive weapon.

Saionji's lightsaber
Taken in battle from Psi Cop and Sith Knight Roger Tremayne, this saber is not believed to have been created by Roger, but by an unknown and probably deceased Jedi Knight. It has a green blade. Since his battle with Roger (in Symphony No. 3's Third Movement, Valiant Rose), Saionji has decided to explore the Asagiri Katsujinkenryuu's connections with the ways of the Jedi, and now carries this lightsaber as his journeyman's blade. (Metanote: This is the Parks Sabers Fury model.)

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