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Editor's Note: In the development process, this project proved a little too ambitious. Elements of it will hopefully be recycled into other parts of the Future Imperfect arc, and the promotional artwork developed for it is preserved here both for historical reasons and, well, because it's just too cool not to keep on display.

There is a world of which almost no one knows.

It exists inside the vast network of computers that stretches across the known galaxy, but it is not cyberspace as the normal user knows it. Almost impossible to enter, its existence considered an urban legend even by experts, it is a realm of pure information.

It is called Flynnspace, and in a universe where information is power, it promises incredible rewards to any traveler from our world intrepid enough to reach it and cunning enough to master it.

Now it has come to the attention of nefarious forces who would use its power to bring the galaxy to its knees. To fight this attack from an almost unimagined direction, the International Police will require a kind of soldier never before conceived.

A new reality needs a new breed of X-Men.

Undocumented Features Future Imperfect

Imagery Section

(Promo poster #1) Master User
Art by Phil Moyer, poster composition by Gryphon.
(Promo poster #2) Truth, Justice, Etc.
Art and composition by Dave Menard.
(Promo poster #3A) X20 Level Zero: The Real World
Art and composition by Dave Menard.
(Promo poster #3B) X20 Level One: Flynnspace
Art and composition by Dave Menard.
(Promo poster #3C) X20 Level Two: The Matrix
Art and composition by Dave Menard.
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