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Imagery Section
Commissioned Artworks Section

A Mövenpick Moment - art by Phil Moy - colored by Phil Moyer
This image, showing Imra Ardeen and Kozue Kaoru having a drink and chatting at the Marché Mövenpick at BCE Place in Toronto on the afternoon before the Art of Noise's last (ever?) Sneaky Dee's show, was commissioned at AnimeCentral 2002 by the intrepid Pearson "Doc" Mui from none other than Phil Moy - who ought to know how to draw Imra, since the design we used for her in UF was created by his brother Jeff, and they both drew her and her fellow Legionnaires for a living! It was then colored by our very own Special Guest for Life. Let's stop for a second and get that straight: Pearson Mui (pronounced "moy", just to make things as confusing as possible) commissioned it, Phil Moy drew it, and Phil Moyer colored it. Hmm. You never see them all in the same place...

... except now you do! Here they are at Anime Central 2010: as Doc described them in his email, "the commission firm of Moy, Mui, Moyer, and Moy"!

Poolside - art and coloring by Kacey Maltzman
Doc commissioned this one too, as a gift for your aging editor's 29th birthday, from a West Coast artist by the name of Kacey Maltzman. How he makes these connections I don't know, but I quite like the result. Judging by the look on Utena's face, I'd guess she was asleep a second ago. She should be more careful - with her fair skin, she's more at risk than most for a bad sunburn if she keeps that up. :)

Wash Day - art and coloring by Kacey Maltzman
Another Doc holiday gift, this one for Christmas 2002. Your editor takes no credit nor blame for the composition. :) I suppose it is a practical approach - after all, there's no point in getting good clothes all soapy, it just makes more laundry to do later on. I especially like, though, the look on her face.

Ambush - art by Fred Perry - color by Phil Moyer
This piece was commissioned by Phil Moyer at Otakon 2002. Here we see Janice Barlow, former WPI and DSM Resident Advisor and IPO CID reservist, and IPO Jedi Knight Anne Springsteen (star of The Vastru Encounter) getting ready to ruin a Pfhor strike force's day.

A Strange Kind of Courtship - art by Fred Perry - color by Phil Moyer
Doc brought this one back from Katsucon 2003; it shows Sumire Kanzaki as of Christmas in Sendai, an unwritten Symphony No. 3 movement which puts the gang on Ishiyama for Christmas 2406. You can't see him, but that's Gryphon she's dueling. She does that every time he's staying at least one night on Ishiyama; in her strange private world, it's a form of foreplay. :)

Day Old Bread - art by Denise Jones - color by Phil Moyer
Another catch by the intrepid Doc. This one's from Anime Central 2003, courtesy of the lovely and talented Ms. Jones, who has done official art for the Living Room Games version of Earthdawn and, as such, ought to know how to draw a t'skrang. :) Here we see our favorite pirate captain, Elisabeth R'tas Shustal, receiving a complaint about the food service aboard her command, the Kuratai, from security chief T'skaia Vorokoshiga'ar Ixtixtaaqitl't'chl'Vraihelt Ishkarat. "Yes, Sky, I know the bread is stale. We're getting a new shipment of flour tomorrow. C'mon. I haven't even had my morning coffee yet."

Tatooine VFR Sectional - art by Jeff Moy - color by Phil Moyer
Doc brought this one back from Anime Reactor 2003. It's by Jeff Moy, brother of Phil Moy, who drew A Mövenpick Moment above. Here we see the intrepid Kozue Kaoru thinking a thought which has crossed the mind of many a pilot before her: "Where the hell am I? This doesn't look like Mos Espa... "

If, for some peculiar reason, you want the black and white version instead, here it is.

Fuu Hououji - Art by Jeff Moy - color by Phil Moyer
Another Moy commission wrangled by Doc last year and colored by Phil. I'm not actually sure whether Doc intended for this to be the Symphony version of the Knight of the Storm, but I'm proceeding under the assumption that he did, and anyway, it's Fuu, what's not to love?

Out of Bed, Sleepyhead - Art by Denise Jones - Color by Phil Moyer
Now in color! Official EPU commission hound Pearson "Doc" Mui scored this at Anime Central 2004, making it the second ACen in a row that we've acquired a contribution from Denise. The subject matter should be pretty well self-explanatory; as you can see, Kaitlyn isn't a morning person.

Original black-and-white version also available.

Uum'y R'yuu-z'ky - Art by Jeff Moy
Another Wizard World, another Jeff Moy commission hunted down by Doc - this one's the UF version of Magic Knight Umi Ryuuzaki, as seen in Knights of the Tenth World.

The Way of the Warrior - Art by John Staton - color by Phil Moyer
Phil's been working on this one for a while, and it's another one of those images where the coloring was important enough to make me hold the image until it was done. (For those of you keeping score at home, this commission was in fact not wrangled by Doc, but rather by Phil himself.)

This illustration also formed the basis for the cover of Rogue Squadron #1 in Wakaba's comics collection.

Hikaru Shidou - Art by Phil Moy - color by Phil Moyer
Now in color! Another commission brought back by Doc Mui from Anime Reactor 2004 (the other is "Codename: Dynamo" over on the Warriors of the Outer Rim page), this one's by Phil Moy and completes the set of Moy-brothers Rune Knights illustrations.

Also available in black and white.

Emerald Lensman - Art by Jeff Moy - color by Phil Moyer
It's Dave Menard's redesign of Wakaba, as seen in Hard-Traveling Heroes, by Jeff Moy. Brought to you by Doc.

Also available in black and white.

Fuu Hououji and Chip Mui - Art by Denise Jones
Just like the title says; a pic of Fuu Hououji and Charles "Chip" Mui, procured at a recent con by Chip's meta-uncle Pearson "Doc" Mui.

Bonjour, ma Belle - Art by Jeff Moy - color by Phil Moyer
Juri's a morning person - it's one of the few things about her that consistently annoys Kaitlyn.

The Burdens of Command - Art by Phil Moy - color by Phil Moyer
As far as Utena Tenjou is concerned, the main downside of being the captain is all the paperwork - even if you're not actually using much paper for it.

B&W version is here.

Paragon and Renegade - Art by Phil Moy - color and graphics by Phil Moyer
Lo, though Commander Virginia Shepard and Richard B. Riddick walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death, they shall fear no evil... because they're the meanest sonsofbitches in the valley. Also available without text, in original pencil form, and as as a lovely postcard from the field. Scouted, as ever, by the intrepid Doc Mui.

The Professor - Art by Phil Moy
Professor Rose Tyler, M.B.Ch.B., Ph.D., Time Lord. 'Nuff said.

The Doctor Is In - Art by Phil Moy
Commander Anthy R. Tenjou MD FRS IPSFR, ship's surgeon, IPS Valiant (NCC-06041). High Priestess of the Cephirean Free and Beneficent Church of the World-Engineer; Duelist of the Order of the Rose; recognized authority on battlefield medicine; pâtissière; paranormal investigator. Quite possibly the only genuine witch doctor serving in any major 25th-century space navy. Just relax. Everything's going to be fine.

It's a Fightin' Hand - Art by Phil Moy - Colors by Philip J. Moyer
Here we see Anakin Skywalker as he appears in S5M3 First Dates and Firefights, with his brand new (unspeakably ancient) Hand of Wrath!

Kaitlyn and Sergei - Art by Comfort Love
Kaitlyn Hutchins and her faithful companion Sergei, being badass and looking good doing it. Sourced by Phil at Otakon 2013.

Hypervelocity - Art by Garth Graham
Tech Sgt. Tinker Bell: Valkyrie combat engineer, cyborg fairy, sniper, daredevil. Hazardous. Not packed by volume.

Transfer Student from Beyond Time - Art by Jeff Moy - Colors by Philip J. Moyer
Amelia Pond, Deedlit Satori Mandeville Memorial Institute Class of 2412. Just a girl with a sword from Inverness.
- Slightly alternate colors here.
- Original pencil sketch here.

A Busy Day for the Professor - Art by Dirk Tiede
Professor Rose Tyler having one of those days when you just can't get anything done without someone bothering you.

Exhibition Match - Art by Danny Valentini
Phil scored us this image of Azana and Karana, two of the three current Temple Island Fire Ferrets, showing off their skills.

Weltanschauung - Art by Phil Moy
This is the cover of the VDC compilation set of the 2410 series of Professor Enigma - the first series to feature Rose Tyler in the title role. It depicts the Hundredth Professor as she initially appears in the season opener, "Weltanschauung": confused, dismayed, and still wearing the 99th's clothes. Sourced by Doc.

Avatar at Work - Art by Jeff Moy
Avatar Korra's life isn't all elemental badassery and press relations. She's also a licensed civil engineer! Sourced by Doc, tweaked by Phil.

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