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Imagery Section
Fan Artworks Section

An Internet artist whose work came to my attention via a Twitter follower. She asks that I direct y'all to her portfolio.

Drink Tea and Laugh
In which Utena demonstrates the secret to living a good life.

Aaron Bergman
Aaron has made several contributions, and seems especially keen on trying out the non-directly-borrowed characters from the series. His designs for those aren't 'official' (that will have to wait for the unlikely day when I have Phil on hand in person for an extended period, willing to be micromanaged like he's working for George Lucas :), but they're quite good all the same.

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, Age 15
The really remarkable thing about this image is that Aaron so clearly envisioned a slightly-older, better-fed Edward without having seen Cowboy Bebop yet.

Corwin Ravenhair, Lost in Cleveland
Aaron claims he'd given up trying to give Corwin a blank expression by this point because he always ended up looking like Moroboshi (whoever that is), but this is actually pretty much what I'd envisioned his blank look being in the first place, so hey, it's all good. Corwin's hair is, if anything, wilder than this (see above reference image of Narutaki).

Azalynn in the Morning
The original caption read in part, "I've been on break for two days and I'm already bored." Her hairstyle is wrong (though coincidentally, it looks about like I figure it looked before Az's mother cut it over the summer, less the stripes), but aside from that, not bad at all. Is this the Symphony's first fanservice shot? (Some claim Phil's title pic of Utena qualifies just because of the shorts. :)

Dorothy and Corwin
Here's Dorothy observing the First Law (even though she doesn't have to :), making certain Corwin doesn't spend the night passed out over his workbench, as seen in A Rose for the New Year.

Craig Perko

Gothic Miki, Again
Here's Craig's take on Miki's Goth persona from Hogtown Rhapsody. Sure, we already had an official version, but so what? It's pretty nifty anyway.

Craig says: "As those of you more familiar with my art can see, I figured that the heavy presence of Utena required a more Utena-esque art style than my usual. Forgive the eyes, please." As an aside, I tend to visualize Future Imperfect characters in the style of Toshiyuki Kubooka (the Lunar games, Giant Robo: The Night the Earth Stood Still), since I usually envision FI as a whole looking and feeling like GR - but this is nice too. :)

Hockey Night in Cephiro
Ice and honor converge at Tenjou Academy.

Tinker's Dilemma
Corwin Ravenhair confronts one of the hazards of his occupation. Kozue Kaoru doesn't help.

Yul Kim

Out of the blue, this very nice image of our heroine (or one of them, anyway :) - Utena Tenjou, making a charge with the Thorn of the Rose in hand.

Two Valkyrie
Two of the Valkyrie, that intrepid band of lovely women who keep the Celestial Spheres safe for democracy (or something) and work so hard to keep Corwin's life interesting - Alita "Gally" Ironheart and the Valkyrior's leader, the one and only Skuld Ravenhair.

Devlin Carter
Yul is also experimenting with portraits (claiming to be terrible with poses, a claim which, looking at his pic of Utena, I dispute :), and this is his interpretation of Devlin.

Liza Shustal
Liza with her hair braided for battle, a look she generally sports only when she's expecting serious action. Yul notes, "her eyes just forced me to finish the drawing."

Kaitlyn Hutchins
Yul says, "This one came out possibly the worst. I was trying to draw Kate, but, the eyes wouldn't work. So I drew the really-huge-eyes technique, and then it came out better than it was before, if not as good as I'd like it. And it was rushed." I say it's fine, especially since I tend to imagine Kaitlyn in the style of Toshiyuki Kubooka anyway.

Kaitlyn Again
This originated as a sketch on the Forum, then ended up getting inked. Kate doesn't usually carry a curved blade like this, but she does own a katana; she just prefers to carry her zatoichi instead.

Lenneth Winternight and the Quite Large Wrench
(Sounds like a children's storybook, doesn't it? Maybe it is a children's storybook in Asgard. Companion piece to Gunnr Brynjelfr and the Gunmasters of Galmadore, perhaps.) Actually this isn't new - I found it on my HD when I was prepping the piece that actually is new to go up. I've no idea how I managed to overlook it since March; probably I saved it intending to convert it from PNG to JPG and just didn't get around to it. Anyway, it's Lenneth! What's not to love?

Sparring Match
Here we see the galaxy's two top Duelists having a spot of recreation - although it must be some pretty serious recreation for Utena to have both of her swords in play. I flopped this one (and then reflopped the signature) to make Kaitlyn left-handed, but it's otherwise unchanged. I'm awfully fond of the way Yul draws Utena.

Vigdis Brightblade
Here's Yul's take on Vigdis, the Valkyrie sword specialist.

Gunnr Brynjelfr
Yul didn't realize at the time that he was drawing a particular Valkyrie, but this sketch, originally done for the Forum, ended up inspiring the creation of one of the warrior-maids of Asgard - the somewhat-reluctantly-elven (or at least reluctantly elfin) Gunnr Brynjelfr.

Juniper and Gally
Clipped from a bigger page with a bunch of character sketches on it. Juni seems to be set to help Kate and Utena add onto their house, and Gally is, well, Gally.

And on the Drums...
Yul felt like going a bit chibi with this one. The costume is the same one as in Todd Zehner's pic of Dorothy as she appears in S4M6: Second Chances - which means that, as in Todd's, her shirt has the wrong color scheme, but what the heck, it's Dorothy. You know you like Dorothy!

Svanhvit Portrait
Just what it sounds like - a portrait of Svanhvit Icebinder, the Niflheim expatriate among the Valkyrie.

Kaitlyn III
New! Yul says: "I decided to go for a posed drawing this time, as I was thinking to myself, 'Yul, ol' chap, portrait drawings are becoming redundant. Do something else, it might spark something.'"

Rob "Zox" Madson

Another unexpected gift, this nifty image shows Kate toward the end of her promotion trial in Reflections in Transition: tired but unbowed, awaiting her next challenger.

Rose Knight
Sort of a companion piece, thematically, to "Next!", this piece shows Utena Tenjou in the armor of the Rune Knight of the Rose, Thorn of the Rose in one hand, Heart of the Rose in the other, as she fights the final engagement of the Grand Tournament to seal her Investiture as the Prince of the Tenth World.

Teaser poster for the theatrical release of Sumire Kanzaki's first mainstream, off-Ishiyama film role, as the title character in the classic Salusian epic Cheltaria.

Kaitlyn as Razor
Kaitlyn costumed as Razor Katagiri, during filming of The Crimson Lizard vs. the World Crime League. There's also a version Rob did up as a magazine ad for the movie. (Slightly dithery GIF version also available for those of you whose gear can't get PNGs together.)

Logan Darklighter

Amanda Elektra Dessler
Logan ("Logan D" on the Forum - clearly an assumed name :) says: "I thought it would be a challenge to draw Amanda after her injury from the assassination attempt [in The Courtship of Princess Dessler]. When reading the story, I was really cringing at the thought of Amanda being maimed like that. Yet all the same, the description of her as Devlin sees her for the first time after the accident on the ballroom floor made it obvious that she was beautiful despite the cybernetic eye/cowl. The challenge would come in balancing things out and making her attractive while not trying to diminish the impact of seeing her like that."

For those of you who remember when this was a pencil sketch, it's still a work in progress - Logan says it's almost finished - but I like it so much I wanted to put it up anyway. It does a very good job, I think, of capturing Kate's little smile, the one she uses for private amusement and/or fondness. (Corwin gets that one a lot.)

Looking for Dave Menard?
He's over on the staff page now!

Rachael L. Mayo
Rachael came to Eyrie Productions by way of Neon Exodus Evangelion, and her first Eyrie fan art can be seen on that page. She then crossed over and became a Symphony fan, as well as a well-liked EPU Forum user under the handle "Rachie".

Rachael died in early 2003; she'd have been 20 in November. Her mother Kathie found this artwork and scanned it for us. Special thanks go to her, for what must have been a difficult task in her grief, and to Logan D for getting in touch with her and passing the scan along.)

Six Views of Kaitlyn
The title says it all; this looks like Rachie was tinkering around with designs for our heroine. Check out that kimono...

Todd Zehner
Another fanartist from the ranks of the Forum, where he goes by the handle "Kitsune1527".

Safety Shirt Dorothy
Originally drawn for the Forum after the release of S4M6: Second Chances.

Lensmen Two-in-One #220
NEW! Todd's take on a comic cover featuring two of our favorite Duelist Lensmen! Black & white base image also available.

Phil Rhodes
Phil's a British fan who has a unique way of doing fan art.

The Amanda Dessler Sessions: Part 1
New! Here's a sampler of Phil's first round of work.

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