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2000.04.07: New Management


Perimeter Station 7AF
origin: SAL 9000 Lilith
destin: for immediate public release
ref: status of Worcester, MA
stamp: information

APRIL 7, 2016

The following is an open message for all former residents of the city of Worcester, Massachusetts.

On April 1, 2016, SEELE, assisted by the United States Army and Air Force, liberated the city of Worcester and its environs, including the Worcester-3 Geo-Front Shelter complex, from the criminal forces of NERV. At 16:45 hours, Eastern Standard Time, Colonel Jacqueline Natla, Commanding Officer of SEELE, officially declared the city secured.

Worcester was heavily defended by NERV and their outlaw compatriots, the UK-based terrorist organization X-COM. The battle was pitched, but its outcome never in doubt. When their defensive perimeter was seriously challenged, the cowards in command of NERV turned tail and ran, fleeing to the the British merchant ship RMS Queen Mary from Providence Harbor in nearby Rhode Island and fighting their way to international waters. They left behind one Evangelion unit to cover their craven flight from justice. This unit was subdued without difficulty and its pilot, the fanatical Lord Crofthenge of England, killed.

SEELE Security Forces and their US Army allies have searched Worcester and its environs and are confident that they have eliminated any remaining traces of NERV and/or X-COM resistance. Construction crews are at work round the clock repairing the ravaged city's infrastructure.

Colonel Natla calls on the former residents of Worcester, who have fled that city to escape the terror and danger of NERV's criminal rule, to return to their homes. With the criminals of NERV chased out of their hiding-holes and on the run, and SEELE standing guard over Worcester, the city is now the safest place for the former victims of NERV's regime to live.

Returning to your homes is not only the safe thing to do, it also sends a message to NERV, X-COM, and the hopelessly corrupt British monarchy which supports them, that Americans will not stand for their brand of terrorism and insanity. Strike a blow for American freedom and American pride by returning to your city and helping to heal its wounds!

Financial assistance is available for those Worcester refugees rendered too destitute by their flight to return on their own. To apply, please contact SEELE's central switchboard at 508 555-9000 and ask for the Relocation Assistance Department. Collect calls will be accepted.

We of SEELE hope that you will all join us in our efforts to strike back against the evil of NERV and X-COM. Remember - your planet's future may depend on your efforts!



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