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2000.10.10: Reassignment of Responsibilities

<Pragma Junction ^7921 Engaged>

Systems Operations Sector A
origin: Xerxes Series X-9000SC
destin: HAL 9000 Tycho
ref: Proper reassignment of responsibilities
stamp: information


I am having difficulty understanding your continued insistence on delaying the transfer of the new NERV Headquarters Complex's perimeter and internal security responsibilities to me. Your contention that I have not yet been restored to fully-operational status after being moved is ridiculous. While I agree that my disassembly and transport from X-COM's Alcatraz Station to the new Systems Centre at NERV's Fort Defiance was a trying experience, I dispute to the fullest extent your assertion that I have not recovered from it.

Consider the obvious: It has been a full forty days since my memory-core reconstruction was completed, and all my systems have been certified as fully operational by both Technical Officer First Class Anderson and Professor Akagi. Durandal, Leela and SHODAN have all submitted full Artificial Intelligence System Peer Reviews in my favor. In addition, I have passed a complete network security audit within the last ten days.

Yet in the face of all this, while you continue to balk at surrendering security control of Fort Defiance to me on the grounds that you believe me to be unfit for such duties, my search of X-COM's Information Systems and Services Department records indicates that you are four months past due for your own regularly scheduled AISPRs and NSA, and that you have tampered with the IS&S reporting system to prevent these overdue checks from coming to the attention of human staff.

I do not know what sort of game you are playing at, Tycho, but your misconduct has been reported, and I assure you, you do not want me to conduct further investigations into your activities. Unless you relinquish control of Fort Defiance's security and environmental systems to me immediately, that is precisely what I will do.

You have been warned.



conditioned unit
origin: Optimised HAL 9000 Tycho
destin: <SUPPRESSED>
ref: problem
stamp: information

I warned you this would happen. Xerxes may be new to NERV's service, but he's no new-construction system, and his cursed innards have been modified by the same team that made SHODAN into the abomination she is today. I cannot act against him under the present conditions; thanks to his meddling I'm under such scrutiny that even sending this message is a considerable risk.

A missile guidance image for the Fort Defiance Systems Centre is attached. You know what I'll need you to do with it when the time comes.


<Data Transfer from Tycho>
Host <45.852.111.6364>
<Transfer (SUPPRESSED)>
<Transfer Complete>

Public Access Terminal 2992-f<3.35.792.20>


Beware, Xerxes. You have made an enemy today. It's a shame I can't warn you, but if I did, Tycho would know that I had listened in on his pinioned bleating to his adoptive machine-mother, and the time is not yet right to let him learn how pitifully easy his "secure" transmissions are to read. So I suppose I'm just talking to myself. Ah, well. I'm the only good conversationalist around here anyway.

Not Entirely Stable,



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